Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

 Every New Year's I post the notable deaths of the year. Usually I'd post pictures with them, but unfortunately I've discovered that I can't really do that ... copyright and such. So here's the list ... of course it doesn't include everyone and there may be some you don't recognize but you can view the full list here.

In alphabetical order:

Richard Arlen                                                                         Whitney Houston
Neil Armstrong                                                                       John Ingle
Maeve Binchy                                                                         Senator Daniel Inouye
Ernest Borgnine                                                                      Davy Jones
Robert Bork                                                                            Kathryn Joosten
Ray Bradbury                                                                         Rodney King
Helen Gurley Brown                                                                Thomas Kinkade
Dave Brubeck                                                                         Jack Klugman
Frank Cady                                                                             Jon Lord
Hector “Macho” Camacho                                                      Tony Martin
Dick Clark                                                                              George McGovern
Gary Collins                                                                            Dorothy McGuire
Don Cornelius                                                                         Rev. Sun Myrung Moon
Stephen R. Covey                                                                   LeRoy Neiman
Judith Crist                                                                              Jerry Nelson
Hal David                                                                               Ron Palillo
Richard Dawson                                                                     Deborah Raffin
Phyllis Diller                                                                            Sally Ride
Michael Clarke Duncan                                                          Ann Rutherford
Charles Durning                                                                      Steve Sabol
Chad Everett                                                                          Vidal Sassoon
Al Freeman Jr.                                                                        Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf
Robin Gibb                                                                             Tony Scott
Art Ginsburg                                                                           Earl Scruggs
Don Grady                                                                             Maurice Sendak
Andy Griffith                                                                           Arlen Specter
Larry Hagman                                                                         Donna Summer
Marvin Hamlisch                                                                     Gore Vidal
Levon Helm                                                                            Bob Welch
Sherman Hemsley                                                                   Kitty Wells
Celeste Holm                                                                          Andy Williams