Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Brother David

I know that I've mentioned him a few times, but I don't talk about the good things - like he's my favorite brother, always will be - he and I are the most like my mother. David had a few strokes in 2003, strokes that left him disabled - the left side of his body not functioning as well as it should. His left lung and side of diaphragm is paralyzed. A lot of the time he is on oxygen. His speech is very imperfect and his short-term memory is totally shot. But there is still something there inside of him, something that is very important to almost every member of my famiy - music. He still has the music in him.

Wanna hear?


Susan said...

David has terrific taste in music! It is wonderful that you two can still share the joy of it.

Brandy said...

Beautiful! I'm glad that throughout everything you still have something you can share together.

Bebo said...

I've always loved his voice. Remember when he sang at my & H's wedding?

I'm so glad he didn't lose the capacity to sing. It would have been like taking away a part of his soul.

Marcus Smythe said...

I was thinking of getting a membership to a online karaoke site, though i would need a much better mic