Wednesday, September 09, 2009

America's Got Talent

This is my pick for this years winner. She has an absolutely beautiful voice!!

YouTube won't let me embed the video - so I can only give you the link. Let me know what you think of her, okay?

Barbara Padilla


Brandy said...

Um, we don't watch that show, but I am sure she's fabulous! I'll be sure to check out the link.

catslady said...

Oh she is my pick too. And to think she didn't study voice. I wish more than one could win - I love Lawrence and chiken man too and the grandma comedian.

Bailey Stewart said...

Don't have to watch it sweetie - just appreciate this beautiful voice (once you get through the interview stuff).

Jeanne - I love them too - especially Grandma! But after watching this moving performance I knew that it would be a mistake if she didn't win - she moves me.