Monday, February 07, 2011

They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

Super Bowl ads that is ... I'm sorry, with very few exceptions, this years group didn't impress me much. Some retreads of past commercials, same themes but with little twists; others that fell flat; big stars in abysmal commercials. Where are those great ads of yesteryear?? So, forget about the majority of last nights snoozefests .... here are some great ones. Thank you YouTube, for the memories .....




Sorry, for some reason they won't embed. So anyway, what did you think of this year's crop of ads? What were some of your favorites from other years?

Okay, okay .. so there were a couple from this year:


Budweiser 2011

Snickers 2011 (okay, only 'cuz of the end)

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Brandy said...

My favorite commercial was for a mortgage broker and involved a guy cooking a spaghetti dinner for his wife and the cat gets in the way. LOVE that one. This years favorite was the VW commercial. Like you I wasn't that impressed with others.