Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Day in Infamy

In memory of those 2,402 killed. And in honor of those 1,282 injured.

USS Arizona Memorial today

And again during the attack

More pictures of the attack


Brandy said...

Thank you Bailey, I noticed that many seemed to almost forget this year. Thank you for remembering them.

bebo said...

I second Brandy's comment. Thanks for always remembering this.

Bailey Stewart said...

Well, as you can see, it draws a lot of attention. :(

JoAnn Ross said...

You know, that was the first thing I thought of on Sunday morning. Maybe because it was drilled into me at school growing up, but that "day that will live in infamy" is burned into my brain's calendar. While other things, such as when my hair apt, doctor's appointments are, etc, remain always vague.

Thanks for remembering this for all of us. Smooches,

bebo said...

I know this is kind of a funny/not-funny.... but I still remember Mom saying it's a "day that will live in infancy..."