Friday, December 26, 2008

Do You Hear What I Hear?

So I lied. There's one more. This was also my Uncle Bill's favorite. And yes, it's the ol' Bingo again.

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas. We return to our regularly scheduled boring blog on Monday, December 29.


bebo said...

I love this song too.

But I'm surprised that (being as it's Friday & all) you didn't do something silly with song titles, or some such nonsense. Especially since there's no spam to be had anymore.

And BTW, we LIKE the regularly scheduled "boring-old-blog".

Susan said...

I am so glad you added this song! It's one of my favorites.

There is no such thing as boring where you're concerned!

Brandy said...

Another great song, song by a legendary voice!
And yeah, we ENJOY the "boring old blog". *G*

catslady said...

I'm playing catch-up again and wanted to say how much I enjoyed all the songs!!