Thursday, November 17, 2011

Goodbye Regis Philbin

Regis who?  My response for a while, since I only really noticed him on the odd days that mom was home from work.  It wasn’t until mom retired that I really started watching the show with her, and then still periodically (confession, I couldn’t stand Kathy Lee).  When I started taking care of mom it became a morning staple.  Besides, Kelly Ripa had joined by then and I found myself really enjoying the show.  So a morning routine was established.  Mom would get up, I’d make breakfast, we’d sit at the table until time for Regis and Kelly then move on into the den.  They became a part of our lives.  In fact, that’s how we found out about Sept. 11 … I had turned on the TV for the show and well, we know what. But anyway, back to Regis, because it really is all about Regis.  Mom had a bit of a crush on him, and as her dementia deepened he remained a steady part of our lives.  People’s names might disappear from her mind, but never Regis.

I’d get mom up in the morning, help her get dressed. 

She’d say “guess who came by last night?”

No, mom, who? 

“Regis and Joy” (his wife for those that don’t know). 

Oh they did? 

“Yes” a giggle and a secret smile. 

I’d say something like “why didn’t he mow the lawn while he was here?” 

Yes, Regis and Joy made many night time visits to my mom’s room … and she was ecstatic about it, until the sister-in-law stepped in.  Yeah, my sister-law Bev helped to take care of mom.  At some point mom started calling her “riffraff” and acted kinda cold towards her. 

“I don’t want that lady here” she’d say. 

Beverly? Why?” 

Mom would look at me and say “You know”. 

“No mom, I don’t”

“She’s trying to take away my boyfriend.”



Always Regis …

So you see, saying goodbye to Regis is almost like saying goodbye to mom again.  I’ll be right in front of the TV, and I’ll probably cry a little.  No, I’ll probably cry a lot … so long Regis Philbin, I wish you the best at whatever you go on to do.  And I know that a lady up in Heaven will be watching you too.


Lis said...

*hugs* It can be tough to say goodbye to people like that who've been a part of your life for so long and you have a connection with. Went through that a couple times myself (another world was a biggie for me.)

Bailey Stewart said...

Thanks hon ... I don't know if it's him that's leaving or just another connection being severed. But short of a power outage or a news preemption, I'm not missing this show.

Brandy said...

Hugs from me, too. I didn't like Kathy Lee, either. Found her very annoying. Definitely an end of an era.

Bailey Stewart said...

It was funny though every morning when mom would tell me that they came by ... lol

Perry Block said...


Great piece about Regis and your mom. I understand well having a mother who is in a similar condition.

Also, you might be interested to know I once went to see the Regis and Kelly show and of all the television shows I've seen, they had by far the most interaction with the studio audience. On breaks, both of them ran up into the audience to talk to people; Regis even took our picture! At the typical television show, the host and guests are far away, leaving you feeling like you have a more personal experience watching home on TV.

Glad your mother had Regis to come by and see her.