Friday, September 14, 2007

Moby Spam

Something smells fishy. (I think it’s you.)
This is not for idiots. (You think it takes a Ph.D. to write spam? And what college does spam go to?)
Why your last diet failed. (Could have been the Twinkies.)
Save money on unwanted auto repairs. (Aren’t all repairs unwanted?)
Be our guest! You have been invited to stay with us for free. (No, no – to stay with you, I’d have to be paid.)
Cialis is the gift sent from above. (God provides Cialis?)
This is too crazy. (Now you’re using your brain.)
Thought this might help. (Using your brain was short-lived.)
Nefarious cowboy. (But my heroes have always been cowboys.)


Marty said...

Mmmmm...twinkies! Did I tell you I got a spam about my neighbors losing their alarm clock???

Meretta said...

I love the word "nefarious". Probably too much, because every time I use it DH lifts his eyebrow like I'm guilty of something.


bebo said...

Ah... classic spamming! We'll have to start calling you Ahab, Captain.

And I agree w/ Marty.. twinkies would definitely ruin the diet. On the other hand, Blue Bell ruins my diet.


Susan said...

Twinkies are a definite downfall for me!

Love the witty retorts you come up with!

Tori Lennox said...

You get funnier spam than anybody I know.

My dad & I were joking last night that the guy who got arrested awhile back must have sold his spam mailing list because Dad got over 180 spams last night. =:0

Brandy said...

Mmmm, twinkies. Yup, that's a diet killer. *g*
I like Meretta's comment!

Dru said...

yeah, Twinkies will do it.

Lis said...

lmao I love 'this is not for idiots' nice to know its discriminating lol

Michele said...


Cat Marsters & Kate Johnson said...

Ah, but nefarious cowboys are the funnest kind!