Friday, September 07, 2007

Wruthering Spam

Since I've been asked - the avatar - the bikini is because it's hot, the snow because I wish it weren't. Now on to spam.

Hello! We met at that hotel in Hawaii. (What did you dream the next night?)
Meet me tonight? (Um, no.)
Here or no where else. (Well I guess it’s no where else.)
Tuesday trade notice. (What are you going to trade it with … Thursday?)
Can never tell the difference. (You’re right about that – Thursday, Tuesday – all the same to me.)
But perhaps Miss Wickersham has already explained the circumstances. (Miss Wickersham? Spam got old lady librarians?)
It amazes us. (You’re amazed? I’m flabbergasted.)
As long as I live. (How long does spam live?)
No time left. (On your life or for spamarama? Hey, get back here and answer me.)


Marty said...

ooh! I'm first? I have to tell you neighbors have lost their alarm clock, lol! No kidding!

Sandy J said...

Bailey, you outdid yourself on these!

Brandy said...

Miss Wickersham called, said you had an overdue library book! Kidding. Seriously, you have a wonderful touch of taking annoying Spam and making them fun to read!

Hope you are having a good week and wishing you a fabulous weekend.

Tori Lennox said...

That Miss Wickersham one is pretty unusual. She does sound like an old lady librarian!

Susan said...

'Hello! We met at that hotel in Hawaii.'

That almost sounds like the opening line in a book!

Well done Spamarama, Bailey!