Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lasts, Part Two

First off, let me say that I am very excited about the future. I am by no means ignoring the things ahead of me. I’m just taking this time to say goodbye to something that has been a haven for me for the last 39 years. This is my closure.

So here are the lasts that I am happy about:

This is the last time I’ll have to struggle with the gate to the alley.

The last time I’ll have to struggle with the sliding glass door that is off its track and difficult because of the shifting foundation.

The last time I’ll have to worry about how I’m going to get the lawn mowed.

The last time I’ll have to deal with those ugly squiggly plant things that fall off of the tree every spring.

Speaking of the tree, it’s the last time I’ll have to deal with the web worms.

The last time I’ll have to put up with things not working.

The last time that I’ll have to watch a bad cable connection and not be able to do anything about it because it’s the lines my father split off from the main line.

I won’t have to clean a three bedroom, two living area, two bath home ever again.

No more messing with a broken garage door.

I have a fireplace, so I won’t have to freeze my butt off next winter because I can’t afford to run the furnace.

I won’t have to put up with those barking dogs next door. Don’t get me wrong, dogs are okay – it’s just these dogs I don’t like.

I won’t ever have to look at the mess that my neighbor has made of her home and yard. She’s a nice lady, but a bit on the trashy side.

No more cleaning the alley.

I can put the trash out whenever I want to.


Brandy said...

YAY for firsts! As for the lasts, well, I didn't mean for you to not look back with fondness. I just wanted you to know that the future is waiting for you with open arms!

Dru said...

ooh, I love your lasts. Some are some of the reasons I live in an building complex.

Bebo said...

I'm with Dru - there are definite advantages to living in apt complexes. Yes, there are things you will miss - after 30+ yrs I'd be surprised if there weren't - but things that you WON'T miss too!

3 days and counting...

Tori Lennox said...

Those are some good lasts. :)

Susan said...

That is a great list of lasts. Now you'll have to find a new neighbor to steal Alarm Cl0cks from. Oh my!

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh Susan, I didn't think about that! What will I do with all of the alarm clocks buried in the back yard?

Sorry I haven't been around much - I've been packing.

Melissa Marsh said...

You're starting a new chapter in your life, Bailey. Onward!

Toni Anderson said...

Yay!! Good luck!!!

catslady said...

Great lasts - and here's hoping you find some lovely new neighbors!!

Bernita said...

Now that's proper balance.
Seems nothing is without its bitter and its sweet.

Melissa said...

Great post!

glenice said...

Ah never to have to mow the yard again! OH and the alley! Yeah!!! cleaning it is a real pain! I KNOW :)

Think of what a great place the new place is! Or will be when I come decorate it :)

Things are WAY hectic here...trying to get the old house cleaned up so we can rent it! ALMOST DONE! We even have someone who is interested in renting it! YAHOO!

OH nd I am heading to Victoria BC for 3 weeks! Then I am off to Orem UT for a week after that!

And I have not even got me new house close to being unpacked!!!

So how is your April looking???

Shelley Munro said...

Eew! I don't know what web worms are but they don't sound attractive. Here's looking forward to some great firsts for you, Bailey.

Diane said...

Enjoy your last few days with your memories. The house has served you well.

Kelly Boyce said...

I love your lasts and here's a look forward to plenty of enjoyable firsts!