Friday, May 16, 2008

Spam on a Stick

We caught you naked in shower baileystewart. (Norman? Norman Bates, is that you?)
Video with a naked celebrity Gallery for baileystewart. (Oooh, Hugh, George, Orlando, Johnny, Matthew, …)
World of clocks. (Let me guess, they have a little dirt on them?)
Good afternoon, I have a good software. (Damn! I was looking for bad software!)
hello from denise (Um, Dennie, have you forgotten your capitals?)
Holy moly, that’s huge. (I know, for a writer that’s a big one.)
your payment didn’t succeed, so your ads have been suspended. (You mean those “Hugh Look at Me!” billboards? Sheesh!)
I went to the panty shop! (You’re much too excited about that.)
Some men won’t learn. (Well, you can’t teach an old dog …)


bebo said...

Okay... so you're naked in the shower with the celebrity gallery & new panties... and all those damned dirty alarm clocks. I thought you left those buried at the house!

Good luck with the ant patrol today.

Brandy said...

"some men won't learn". So, SO true!

Have a happy friday!

Susan said...

Who is the we that caught you in the shower and did you invite them to scrub your back? ;)

Great as always!

catslady said...

Funny as always - have a nice weekend!