Monday, March 16, 2009

Cue Jaws Theme

Monday, Monday, Mondaymondaymondaymonday .....

My version of the Monday Jaws song ..... yeah, I'm weird like that. Anway, here it is Monday again, and ain't we all soooooo happy? Whatever. Another week, another strange temps in Baileyexas. We'll be close to 80 on Monday, and throughout the week, except for Thursday I think, when we'll sink to around 65, and then back up again. YoYo!!!! After the sinuses adjusted, I actually had a good weekend. Spent Saturday with the girls (and one guy) at the Yellow Rose meeting. Wonderful presentation by Rosemary Clement-Moore, ate lunch, then over to Barnes and Noble for her booksigning. Yes, I spent too much money. Yeah, I hate myself now, but ... Anyway, Rosemary writes YA - her latest book is the third in a series titled "Highway to Hell". I bought it. I also bought the first one. Will try for the second at another time. It has been years since I've read YA. Um, probably since I was a YA. LOL Yes, we had books then ... and no, they weren't carved in stone. Sheesh.

So that was pretty much the high-light of my weekend. How was yours?

And since we haven't done this in a long time - what are you reading? I have a whole stack of books to choose from, not sure what to start on next.

Oh, and since St. Patrick's Day is Tuesday, there will be a blog that day and then not another one until Friday.


Michele said...

Just finished Two more Kitty Norris books... Kitty and the Dead Man's hand and Kitty Raises Hell...or something...thank goodness I waited to read these back to back because they were bookends...a continuing story arc.
it was AWESOME< I love KITTY.

And Ben and her are sooo cute together. But I miss Cormac. I really do.

WEll off to work. ttyl!

Bebo said...

Well... what I'm readin lately ain't fun (since I'm studying for that exam again)... but oh wait! in my "spare" time I just started "The Corset Diaries" which is too funny! but I cannotcannotcannot let myself get sucked into it because I have to studystudystudy... (i keep telling myself...)

whateverfor said...

uh oh, sounds like someone has a case of the mondays... I gave that flair button to my former boss for his birthday - was hilarious.

Glad to hear the sinuses have cleared up - but man, the weather needs to make up its mind! I say be nice and cool for another month or two before the swelter starts!

Don't hate yourself for the books, books = lurve

catslady said...

We hit 70 last week and the next day it was in the 30's - and it's been everything in between since.

I'm reading Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett - 1,000 page book so it's taking a bit but it's really quite good.

Brandy said...

I read Wonder Woman last night. *G* Rosemary Clement-Moore's books are fun, very good reads. I have your sinus issues now, waking up with headaches every day. Ugh.
i hope you have a pleasant Monday.