Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday Rambles

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I am not a happy camper! And when Bailey is upset, everyone is gonna join her. Right? Right?? I can't hear you!!!!

Okay, I made the switch from cable to converter this weekend. This involved a long drawn out process of switching the two entertainment units - the bedroom for the living room. Why? Two reasons - 1) For some reason, the DVD player connections are whacky and I am constantly having to mess with them - the entertainment unit that was in the living room is a cabinet, so it was hard to look at/mess with the connections in the back of the tv; 2) the bedroom one was prettier ......

Anyway, I hooked up the converter box/antenna in the bedroom on Friday (for reasons I'm not going into), couldn't get FOX (OH NO!! AMERICAN IDOL!!). As you can understand, this was not acceptable. So I finally got that cleared up today only to find out that I can not use the VCR in the bedroom. What the .....???? I can live with that, but I'm not happy. There are two nights a week that there are two shows on at the same time that I want to watch. The only shows that night (can anyone say American Idol and NCIS???) No, nothing at 8 or 9, but two shows on at 7. What gives?? And of course, you can't watch one channel and record another with a converter box, that would be too easy. That's why I wanted two VCR's! Then I go to hook up the stuff in the living room. Now, since it was getting late, I decided not to worry about the VCR/DVD player (yes, this one does have instructions on how to do that, and the adapters to use), and just hook up the tv so I could watch tonight (this being Sunday night, got it?). Right. Guess what? Nothing. Oh wait, one time I did get one channel - one of the Spanish ones. Now this is supposed to be the best antenna and converter boxes that Best Buy had. Yeah, that's what I said. And before someone says anything, no I can't take it back and buy something different - I used a coupon. The only thing I can think of is to rearrange the room and see where the antenna will pick up the best. I want my cable back .........


Susan said...


Why did you get rid of your cable? We have cable and didn't have to do anything. The cable companies are suppose to take care of everything.

Brandy said...

We have Dish, so don't have to worry about all that, but good grief, could they have made it any more difficult? I hope you get things straightened out soon.

catslady said...

Sounds horrible. I have a problem on thursdays because I'm not home and can't tape Idol and Survivor at the same time - I usually tape Survivor and find out online who won Idol. I always have to tape NCIS for Idol - yeah and other times I have nothing to watch.

Bailey Stewart said...

Susan, I've dropped the cable because I can't afford it any longer.

Brandy - oddly enough, it's straightened out. The antenna doesn't work. The one that I bought for the bedroom (the cheap one) works. Of course, I've waited too long to exchange it, so I guess I'll look at the warranty thingy. I knew something was screwy when the little light on the front wasn't coming on.

Jeanne - I refuse to watch anything other than Idol. I don't like Survivor anyway, and I figure that I can watch NCIS on reruns.