Friday, April 17, 2009

I'll Take the One in the Yellow ....

*insert name of bookstore* "in Mesquite, may I help you?"

"Oh I hope so, I'm looking for a book ..." long silence (Again, calling a bookstore is a great way to start)

"Which book are you looking for?"

"Oh, yeah, I don't know the name" (oh no, not again) "but I have the ISBN number, does that help?" (About as much as Charlie Sheen at a panty raid).

"No, I'm sorry, our books are categorized by genre and then by author"

"So the ISBN number won't help you?" (Would a squirt bottle have helped Joan of Arc?)

"You don't know the title?"

"Um, I know it's yellow ...." (There's a reason inbreeding is frowned upon.)

Overheard between two customers:

"You can buy these books?" (No, we give them away, but you can't have any.)

and the award goes to ....

"Do you know who wrote Marilyn Monroes autobiography?" (I'm guessing Groucho Marx)


Bebo said...


These are priceless, awful, unbelievable...

catslady said...

This is even better tham spam roflmao.

Brandy said...

Good grief! Catslady is right, this IS better than Spam. *G*

Susan said...

I have to agree with everyone else. They are scary! *g*