Friday, August 14, 2009

But they're vintage ...

New Upcoming Authors:

(you figure them out - if you can't,just ask - and remember, on some of them, they may have the name right, just not the pronunciation - I'm spelling them like they said them)

Lori Forster
Jill Shallis (Hey, once again, at least they're asking for her!!)
Kate Quinn
Louie Laymur
Jane Pikcoat

There are no stupid questions ......

After being told that we don't have that book, and neither does our other store. Now we've suggested *shudder* our competition, 'cuz we're like that.
"Do you know if they have it?"
(Yeah, I go through their inventory every night after they close ...)

"Do you have their phone number?"
(Yep, number 0 in my speed dial)

Or, we won't take their stuff, and again have suggested that "other" store:
"How much will they give me for it?"
(How much do you want? I'll call ahead and suggest it.)

You're bringing us what?

"I have 30 boxes in the truck, where do you want me to put them?"
(at that other store ....)

"These belonged to my grandmother and she only read them once"
(Every Sunday while driving her car to church)

"I have two bags of magazines, will you take them?"
"No, we only take current magazines, unless they are .... "(names off very few exceptions)
"These are from the 70s, they're vintage."
(I'm going to shoot her ....)


catslady said...

I love these. 30 boxes of books - only read once lol. As a reader though I'd love to go through those boxes.

Bailey Stewart said...

I would too, but as we have no storage space and everything has to go behind the counter ..... Sheesh

Brandy said...

Vintage magazines? *snort* Then they should try an antique store. How you keep from smacking these people I don't know. *G*

Bailey Stewart said...

I like my paycheck ....

Susan said...

"I have 30 boxes in the truck, where do you want me to put them?" They really wouldn't be happy with my answer and I'd most likely lose my job! *G*

How did David make out?

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh, I'm sorry - I forgot! LOL He's fine, one blood vessel was completely closed, and that's what caused the 2 mild heart attacks (Dave said they didn't feel mild to him). The other blood vessels in the area have already taken over its job, so the chances of it causing another attack is pretty nil. He's home now, and is supposed to be resting ...

Dru said...

I'm glad to hear the good news about your brother.

I would have love to look at those 30 books and I would have choice words but I do understand your need for the paycheck.

Bebo said...

Hmmm 30 boxes huh... as long as they don't go in my storage unit we're fine. And glad to hear they are asking for The Shalvis, even if they don't know how to spell/pronounce the name.

David... Resting... those words don't go together in my head. :)