Friday, August 07, 2009

Imagination is a writers friend


Bless you


You sneezed, didn't you?

No, I was singing.

Sounded like sneezing to me. What song was that.

Well Bud, it's one that I thought up myself.

You can't do that Ernie.

I can't? Why not.

Voices have no imagination.

We don't?

Nope, Bailey imagines us, and it all comes from her mind.

Can't she imagine that I've imagined a song?

I imagine that she might be able to imagine you imagining a song, but that's really beyond all imagination.

Imagine that!


What if I imagined there was no heaven?

You couldn't even if you tried.

Oh, so everything we think, everything we say ... that's Bailey?


Poor girl

And she's even on meds.

What is she imagining now?

She's imagining that you are saying goodbye Ernie

Okay, goodbye Ernie


Bebo said...

I would say this is the most "imaginative" Bud&Ernie yet! Love it!

Bailey Stewart said...

why thank you dear, I can't imagine why you would say that! :)

Brandy said...

Bud and Ernie are fantastic and fun! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Susan said...

Bud and Ernie are lucky to have such an imaginative mind to live in!