Thursday, August 18, 2011

And the Walls Close In

Why are they pink?


The walls.

Look kinda grey to me.

Not the walls of her brain, the walls of this blog.

Oh, well, um, she likes pepto bismal?

We have to do something about this.

We? As in you and me?

No, me and Eleanor Roosevelt …

You know Eleanor?

No I don’t …

Then why did you say that?

I was kidding, you know, like making a joke.

I didn’t get it.

You rarely do.

Oh yes I do Ernie!


When what?

When do you get a joke?

When someone tells me a good one.

When someone … ? Oh nice Bud.

That was a good one wasn’t it?

Yeah, that was a good one.

Do I get 2 points?

2 points? K, what are you going to do with these points?

I’m going to trade them in for stamps.


Yeah, to buy things with.

They don’t do that anymore.

They do in my world.

That’s right, you do live in your own little world, don’t you.

Yep, my friends are here.

That’s nice Bud. So what are you going to buy with these stamps.

New walls for this blog.

That would work. Say goodbye to the nice folks Bud.

Goodbye to the nice folks Bud.

Some things never change.


Lis said...

lol oh how I missed Bud & Ernie!! So good to see them back :)

Bailey Stewart said...

yeah, they're something else. Don't encourage them Lis.

whateverfor said...

Bailey! I was so excited to see your posts on my rss feed - welcome back! It's so nice to see Bud and Ernie as well.

As a welcome back gift, I have a bookstore funny for you: my frowns and fellow bookseller told me about a customer who came in and said, "I'm looking for Katerina by Tomboy." [gets a blank stare] "You know, that old Russian classic?"

I laughed so hard I cried. That was the most epic book request phrasing ever. Although my husband pointed out if that customer struggled with "Anna Karenina" and "Tolstoy", the book itself would be impossible to get through.

whateverfor said...

That should read as "my friend and fellow bookseller..." Blasted auto correct!

Susan, Super Earthling said...

There's no better place than the little world inside our heads, especially when you can buy things with stamps there! :D

And to whateverfor: "my frowns and fellow bookseller" Love it--spoken from the little world inside your head! LOL

Bailey Stewart said...

Hey E!!!! Got you on Twitter now. Yes, I'm back - love the customer annecdote!! I'd say more, but then I'd give away another post. LOL I'm here Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, we'll see how that turns out. lol

Bailey Stewart said...

Duchess, I have a feeling the inside of your head would be eerily close to mine ..

MK Chester said...

You haven't missed a beat :)

Bailey Stewart said...

And the beat goes on ..... and the beat goes on .... (unintelligable mangling of lyrics)

Brandy said...

Bud and Ernie! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Bud needs a sarsaparilla soda.

Not sure why I know that. I just do.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh Jason, I am so sorry, he tends to go "voices in the head" visiting. I've told him over and over again that he shouldn't do that .. he'll scare other writers. Just give him a swift kick in the butt next time, k?

Bailey Stewart said...

This wasn't easy Brandy, it was a two-way tie between Bud/Ernie and Spam. So I made a choice. If only you had picked one!! but then again, my luck you would have picked the customers. LOL

raine said...

Hey, you. Welcome back.
And glad you brought Bud & Ernie with you. ;)