Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's Been a Week

I'm not talking about the internet - it'll just upset me again. I'm over at Bebo's now, paying bills and checking email. We've had quite a week, the two of us, well Bebo mainly. *gg* First she got a ticket going a wee bit fast in a school zone, and then her water pump went out on the car. That's a lot of moola to put out for someone without a job. Yep, Bebo is among the unemployed. She'd already had to put out $300 at the vet's for her cat Jack (who's fine now) and then this. That's three - right?

The new medication they put me on seems to be doing it's job - I'm not as anxious all of the time, settled down a bit. I'm still not reading a lot - found out it wasn't only the bi-polar stuff, but my eyesight. I can read for a little bit and then I have to stop because my eyes start to hurt. Yes folks, you can say it - Bailey has "over-40" eyes. It's time for bi-focals. I'm not happy about it. Shhh, I heard that. Just wait until you get old.

On Friday and Saturday we had a garage sale at the house. Got rid of a lot of junk, er, stuff. Thankfully, the weather held and we had a couple of pleasant days.

Not much more going on except for "you know what" and I ain't talking about it. Marty honey, come out of the corner. That's a good girl.

Take care and I hope to be back to you soon.


Michele said...

Bailey! SO happy to hear you are doing well on the meds. Bifocals aren't so bad .. just takes some getting used to.

I'm glad you had a successful sale of "stuff". LOL

HUGS to Bebo!!
What a week!
Hope the employment situation turns around soon.

Hugs to you too, Bailey.
Relieved to hear from you.
Miss you!

Cole Reising said...

Man what a week! I hope next week is 'nicer' to you guys!


Lis said...

*hugs* to both of you! Seems everybody had a crappy week last week. Hopefully this one will be better!

Anonymous said...

...but I like the corner...

Big hugs to Bebo...that is one heck of a week! There are two full moons this month, so that might have something to do with it. And I had bifocals when I was ten--that should tell you about where my eyesight is these days, lol! Hang in there--miss you!

Dru said...

Bailey, it's good seeing you. I'm glad the medication is working for you now. Yeah, I know all about bifocals. My doctor already told me that will be my next pair.

{{{{Bebo}}}} {{{{Bailey}}} I'm sending good vibes to both you and Bebo.

catslady said...

Good to hear from you. Glad the meds are helping. Reading glasses can be a pita but they're better than the alternative. Hope to talk with you soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for {{hugs}} and good vibes and prayers and crossed fingers... The cat is better & the car is fixed & the job situation will (please please please) turn around soon.

Brandy said...

Bailey!! HI!! I've missed you. Sorry to hear about the eyesite thing. GLAD to hear the medication thing is working out.
Bebo, oh dear, what a trying week. I'm glad to hear your kitty is fine now and will be praying on the job thing!

WTG on the yard sale! We'l' be having one soon. I hope you sold oodles of things!

Praying that both of y'all week this coming week, improves!

Unknown said...

Bailey, so glad the meds are finally doing their job. Sorry to hear about the eyes, though. Every time I try and read for long, I'm reminded that I'm not as young as I was.

Poor Bebo. What a week.

Sending hugs to both of you.

And see, I didn't mention you know what...

Anonymous said...

*hugs* to you and Bebo, Bailey!!! What a week!!!

Christa said...

Bailey- great to hear the meds are helping.

At least with a yard sale your stuff won't come back.

Anonymous said...

Bailey, it's so good to hear from you! That is great news that you are doing better with the meds. Sorry about the bifocals, it's tough getting old. *gg*

Sending hugs and good vibes to both you and Bebo!!