Friday, July 20, 2007


YOu can get a bigger erecttile member. (How? By adding a “t”?)
It can also add excitement. (It would only be exciting if it were Hugh Jackman)
But no, I won’t give it to you. (Well now I really want it.)
Let Thirty Plus Singles help you find your mate. (I don’t need help from over thirty people. Wait, maybe I do.)
Here’s another message from Ms. Wong. (I didn’t get the first one.)
Your neighbors have lost their alarm clock (Now they have their own personal messenger?)
You did it. That’s it. Cold. (Not cold, but you’re getting warmer.)
What makes your brain think you’re full? (could be that entire watermelon I ate.)
You don’t have to spend hugh amounts on travel. (I’ll spend whatever Hugh wants to give me.)


Michele said...

LOVE the HUGH references.
I missed my alarm nice to see them here.

The Xtra T cracked me up.

Happy Friday Bailey and hope all is well!

Tori Lennox said...

I'd spend whatever Hugh wanted to send me, too!

Dru said...


Susan said...

Funny as always.

I wonder if Hugh googled his name it would lead him here! :)

Cryna said...

Great as always. And I agree I would spend whatever Hugh gave me as well.

Brandy said...

Funny as ever!
Hope that you are having a good week!

bebo said...

Wow... a Double T erecTTion... but he won't give it to me???!!!
Humph. Story of my life...

Marty said...

If Hugh would just stop stealing your neighbor's alarm clock, he might have time to make it to your house!