Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How difficult can it be?????

I pull into the Sonic on the way home from work (this is my mad money Bebo, I turned my state quarters into cash) and made my usual order - bacon cheeseburger, pickles and mayo only, and a large fry.

Hesitation: bacon cheeseburger, pickles and mayo only?
Um, yes.

Pull up to window:
Did you want cheese and bacon on that?

Are we surrounded by idiots? No, really. This is the 4th time this has happened, third time at this Sonic. The first time it happened was in a Brahms years ago. I walked in, ordered a bacon cheeseburger, pickle and mayo only. The young man behind the counter stared at me.

And do you want cheese and bacon with that?

I wanted to grab him by his collar, pull him until we were face to face and say:
No, I only want a hamburger with pickles and mayonaisse. But I want you to charge me for a bacon cheeseburger.

Like I said on another blog about the woman who walked clear through our store and then walked up to the counter and asked if we sold books? Get a grip!!!!!

You know, not knowing who the 33rd president of the United States was is one thing; not being able to follow simple instructions or recognize the obvious is beyond complete idiocy. Those student essays of mine aren't as scary as this is.

So that's all I have for a Wednesday. My latest frustration.

What frustrates you?


Lis said...

Argh that's annoying! I deal with that too a lot, my order is mustard and ketchup only, can I tell you the # of times I only get 1 of those?

What frustrates me, uhm the post office, jealous people, meanies and snow in May. :) Oh and people who have to take over the whole aisle in costco so you can't move by them

cas2ajs said...

I have the same problem at our local McDonalds. My kids like pickles only . . . so that's the standard order. At least half the time I get everything BUT pickles. One morning I drove through, ordered a breakfast with the eggs well done. They pulled me to the side and I waited 10 minutes figuring I was waiting for the eggs to be cooked well. When I got home and opened it - guess what was missing? The EGGS . . . that . . . I . . . waited . . . for . . . for . . . 10 . . . minutes. Arggh!!

Bailey Stewart said...

I don't leave the drive through until I check my burger - and I don't care how many people are behind me. The other day, I checked, and sure enough - there was lettuce. Before I started checking this, I got home a couple of times only to find onions or something on there - and it's a long drive.

You didn't even get the eggs???? Yeah, that's frustrating all right.

Bebo said...

Wow, that Sonic employs some... frustrating... people! Idiots! There, I said it!!

What frustrates me? Taking care of other people (Bailey you know who I mean) and being given *instructions* on how to do it.

Christa said...

I always check my order when going through a drive through. My friend would get a mcmuffin with sausage no egg(she's allergic to eggs) half the time it came with the egg. She just gave up and ended up giving the egg away. So somebody(sometimes me) would have a double egg mcmuffin

Rene said...

I'm very picky with my burger so I hear your frustration. I only trust In N Out with my order. They are the only ones to get it right.

What really frustrates me is when I go to the grocery store and I have to tell three different people I don't want help out to my car!

whateverfor said...

That is frustrating. A lot of burger places automatically offer burgers as cheeseburgers, so I always have to order the cheeseburger with no cheese - and what do they give me? A hamburger. Just the meat and bun, *nothing* else. I just said no cheese, not nothing but the meat and bun! So yeah, that's frustrating.

But more frustrating than that? Summer weather in Phoenix.

catslady said...

It's not just the fast food places. My husband prefers takeout to actually sitting in a resturant and more orders are wrong than right and he just refuses to check first. Just last week he ordered six full dinners and we got no salad dressing or rolls - could have been a lot worse lol.

Brandy said...

My In-Laws. 'Nuff Said. *G*

Susan said...

My dad will occasionally treat us to Burger King or MacDonald and it never fails that they mess up my order or they forget to put it in the bag altogether.

What frustrates me is people that take the handicapped parking and don't have a darn thing wrong with them!