Monday, January 26, 2009

Because ....

Okay, now that was weird. I went to open Word to write this post and … it wasn’t there? Yeah, that’s what I said. I could click browse, go to a saved document and open it that way, but the link to Word is gone. Why? This sucks.

Anyway, I had today’s post narrowed down to three topics, but I’m not sure any of them will work. In fact, right now I can’t remember exactly what the other two were, so I guess I’m going with the third one.

The Screen Actor Guild Awards were on tonight. I’ll wait while you say “Oh no! I missed them!!” Yeah, that’s what I thought. For me, regardless of whether I’ve seen any movies this year or not – I never miss these award shows. But sometimes I wonder why? Like tonight, when only one show that I’ve watched won an award – out of everything nominated, only one. I’m sitting there all comfy against my pillows and wondering why I’m watching this except for the fact that I like celebrity stuff – a chance to see a favorite actor or actress. And I found myself rooting for certain people to win based only on two things – either I really liked the people, or I disliked the other nominees more. This got me to thinking about two things. One – Heath Ledger. I have the Batman movie waiting to be watched, but I haven’t seen it yet. So I really don’t know what kind of performance he gave. I do know that I liked his work, have a fondness for A Knight’s Tale, and am sad that he’s no longer with us. I really would like for him to win the Oscar. But is that fair? Is it really the best supporting actor performance of the year? Probably not, but then again isn’t it all really a popularity contest? Er, maybe not … since blockbuster movies are often overlooked in these awards. But I still wanted him to win. I want him to win the Oscar too. Why? Because even though his films will live on in whatever form movies are seen in the future, there will never be another new Heath Ledger movie, and having his name on the list of Oscar Award winners would be a nice way to mark his place in movie history – a sort of Life-Time Achievement award.

The second thing I was thinking about was how I was rooting for people even though I had never seen the performance. This reminded me about how there are certain authors whose books I buy without even reading the back or knowing anything about it – I just buy it because they wrote it. I know that we all do this – we all have our auto-buys. There are times when I have gone to on-line voting sites, scanned the list of book nominees and voted for someone I like even if I’ve never read the book – simply because I haven’t read any of the books listed.

But sometimes that’s really all of these award shows, book lists, etc actually boil down to – a popularity contest of sorts.

I don’t think that there’s any real point to this post, just a bit of wondering rambles.

I hope you all have a great week.


Bebo said...

I gotta say, you have the strangest issues with computers. I know I'm weird w/ watch-batteries, but they don't cost near as much as a new laptop!

Toni Anderson said...

He gave a magnificent performance! But I haven't seen the other movies either so I can't judge. Must watch more movies!

Brandy said...

Ever notice how when it comes to the Oscars, the movies nomonated are ones that viewers themselves probably never even went to see?
And good luck with the computer!

Susan said...

I haven't seen any of the movies that are up for Oscars. I'm usual disappointed when I do see them. Go figure.
Good luck figuring out what happened to Word!

catslady said...

Before I saw the Batman movie I figured he was getting the votes because he died but now that I've seen it and at least some of the other performances, I think he does deserve it.

For some reason I've lost interest in most of the award shows (I will watch the Oscars). Heck I used to watch all the Miss America's too but no longer care since they've changed it so much.

I will watch some of those entertainment shows and the highlights seem to be enough for me now.

glenice said...

Well I am late on this one...but I lost internet the other day :( not sure why...but at least I have a word icon to click on :)

Batman was very good...of course I love Batman so I will almost always say that...I did not like George as Batman but then I don't think George liked George as Batman :)

But Ledger did an incredible job on Joker! He even had a drool which was genius...since you know his face was stuck and all :)