Friday, January 16, 2009

Spam coming atcha!!

We were looking for you! (I've been right here, waiting)
My crotch area is too tight now (I needed to know this, why?)
Why did you leave me? (I didn't leave, you're the ones that flaked out over banking and V*I*A*G*A*R*A*)
She flicked her hair. (She flicked her hair back at her!)
Are you busy? (Only flicking my hair)
Come upstairs. (Um, I'm not sure about that ...)
We seek for you all day. (You won't find me upstairs)
Where are you, I'm frozen! (You're not blanketed by spam?)
Never leave, ever again? (You keep sending 'em, I'll be here)


JJ said...

In regards to: "My crotch area is too tight now This is also a sad, unfortunate even that can occur when one does not know how to properly set the dryer settings when doing laundry! Those poor unfortunate souls! Hehe

catslady said...

Oh I needed a good laugh. Last weekend I brought in a poor little kitty from my back porch but even with vet care it didn't make it and I am devestated.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh Jeanne, I'm so sorry!!! That is so sad, but know that you did everything you could for the little thing. Sometimes that isn't enough, but the baby had love for a little while. Hugs to you honey!!!

Brandy said...

Hugs Catslady. I know how much that can hurt.
They've been looking for you? Oooh, what'd you do? *G*

Susan said...

My heart goes out to you Catslady.

Re: crotch - buy a larger size of pants!

bebo said...

re: My crotch area is too tight now

Which is it? Pants too small or swollen turkey-parts? Or is it the disease of the month? An PLEASE don't take 'em upstairs!