Monday, July 20, 2009

And that's the way .... it will never be again

1916 - 2009

There are only a few people outside of my family that have seemed to be there my entire life. Walter Cronkite was one of them. I can’t say that I’ve thought about him a lot, probably couldn’t tell you when I last saw him. And yet, his death hit me hard – I actually cried. Uncle Walt was an institution on his own – a constant presence in the backdrop of this nation. Almost every great event in my lifetime has been marked with his presence: JFK’s assassination, as well as Martin Luther King; the moon landing; 9/11 – whether through commentating or reporting, Walter Cronkite was there. Now no more.

Bebo and I talked about it the other day. There is no one in today’s news field that we would trust as much as America trusted him. No one has ever really stepped into his shoes – they were too large to fill. Many polls throughout the years have listed Walter Cronkite as the most trusted person in America. Cronkite has been described as a real gentleman, a bit of a comedian, a humanitarian … as well as a devoted husband and father. I think we could add friend to that list.

We’re going to miss you Uncle Walter …. more than we thought we would.


Brandy said...

Most his most famous reports were before my time, but I, too, felt that whatever he said could be trusted. Unlike most of what we see and hear today. I'm sorry this has hit you so hard. Hugs sweets.

Bebo said...

Does the house still stand when you lose the cornerstone? That's what he was, and I think the journalistic world - maybe the whole world - is leaning a bit now.