Friday, July 24, 2009



Yeah Bud?

Weren’t we supposed to do something today?

I don’t know, let me check my calendar.

What’s that?

A calendar – it gives you the days of the week, the months, everything. You should try it.

I know that moron, I meant what is that ON your calendar?

Oh, those are the “voices” calendar girls.

Voices don’t have bodies Ern. There’s nothing there but bathing suits – it’s like the invisible woman meets Victoria’s Secret.


Then what’s the point?

The money went to the “voices” orphan’s fund.

First, we’ll disregard the fact that voices don’t have money and ask: What is that?

Voices whose authors ignore them.

Lot of that going around?

Yeah, it’s summer. I happen to know that Jill Shalvis is staring at a blank screen right now.

How do you know that?

‘Cuz her muse told me.

You talk to The Shalvis’ muse?

I talk to all of them – a lot of muses.


I had to ask …. Tell the folks to have a nice weekend Ernie.

Have a nice weekend Ernie!


Brandy said...

I think all the muses are lounging by a pool drinking drinks with little umbrella's. *G* Have a good weekend, sweets!

Lis said...

lmao eharmonmuse!! Best line ever :) I should see if that's where mine took off to.

Susan said...

Bud & Ernie made my week!

Bebo said...

Ah... that's where my muse went off to...!!!