Friday, July 31, 2009

No, you have to have the password

For those of you who only stop in every once in a while - these are the things that happen in the bookstore where I work. Yes, it's true stuff.

Up and Coming Authors and Books (I'm not giving hints this time. I have to figure them out, so do you. Some are easy.)

John London
Josephine Johnson
Tony Hilleran
Suzanne Foster
Jill Shulbis (my personal favorite - hey, at least they're looking for her.)
Carol Harris
Charles Dickers
Anne Broadrick
Judy Pickle
J.D. Roberts
The Illyard
My Angelina

Customers, we so do love them

"How much for the free stuff out on the sidewalk?" ($350 gadzillion)
"I'm looking for a book and I thought you could help me." (No I only work here)
Looking straight at the CD's on the counter "Do you sell CD's?" (Not to you - those are for the free box sale)
"Do you have the new Harry Potter movie yet?" (If we do, they're looking for us ...)
"When will you get in Bed of Roses? (My guess, when it's out and someone buys it - for the uninformed, that'll be October. For the further uninformed, it's Nora Robb, er, Roberts.)
"I'm looking for a book." (Okay, just stand there and stare at me, I'm sure your thoughts will become my thoughts ... which is scary)

Answer phone: "Paperbacks Plus in Mesquite."
"There's no one named Jesse here. This is a bookstore."
"So Jesse isn't there?"
(Yeah, she's over in the "for dummies section".)

"What do you mean I have to pay something? Did you use my store credit?"
"Yes, but store credit only covers half of your purchase. You have to pay the other half plus tax."
"It seems to me that it should cover the entire purchase."
"We have to have money to pay the bills."
"Not my problem."
(no comment, didn't find this one particularly funny - just wanted to share that I didn't hit her.)

And for the finale ...

Woman rushes through the door and up to the counter - points to the interior of the store.
"Can I go look for a book?"
(Only if you have the password)


catslady said...

Poor Jill lol.
I'm still scratching my head over the lady using a credit and thinks she can buy just anything with it. Sure wish that's the way it worked roflmao.

Bailey Stewart said...

Yeah Jeanne - customers bring in books and stuff, and we give them a percentage of what we hope to sell it for as "credit". They can then use that credit to pay up to half of a purchase. For example, if their purchase is $6, credit pays $3, and then they pay $3 plus tax. You won't believe the amount of customers (and some are long-time) who still don't understand that credit doesn't pay for the entire amount. How would we pay our bills if we didn't take in any money at all? Besides that, the state of Texas has a "bartering" tax, which means they would still have to pay tax on the "amount" of the purchase. Sheesh.

Brandy said...

If your store is like one of the one's I visit the rules for trade-in and buying are on the wall where they can be seen at all times, and they are like the store you work at with regards to purchase. I admire that you didn't smack her. *G*

Bailey Stewart said...

I really, really wanted to Brandy ...

Susan Rix said...


Charles Dickers?!

Thanks for sharing!


Bailey Stewart said...

Sue!!!!!!! Long time, no see! It was nice to see your comment.

And for the others, here are the answers to the up and coming section:

Jack London
Iris Johansen (Yeah, took me a while)
Tony Hillerman
Suzanne Forster
Jill Shalvis (duh)
Charlaine Harris
Charles Dickens (Sue's favorite)
Annette Broaderick
Jodi Picoult (yeah, I know ...)
J.D. Robb
The Illiad
My Antonia

Bebo said...

could these people be any... well, yes I guess they could... but I'm so proud you didn't smack ANY of them!

Susan said...

My goodness! Bailey, you have more control than I have!