Friday, April 13, 2007

Spam by Any Other Name

Do you deserve more? (Absolutely)
Get a date for tonight. (Hugh Jackman is coming to town?)
Your wish will be completed with out help. (Where’s the catch)
She will love you more than any man. (On second thought, if that's the catch, I'll pass on Hugh for tonight.)
Miss you. (Me too. NOT)
Won’t forget last night. (Damn, I gotta adjust my medication.)
Finally, I found it! (Put it in the back with the others.)
Drinking at work? (How else do you think I get through it?)
Who else wants to grab this Internet Business-in-a-box? (Um, Jack?)
Realize total and absolute power. (I already do.)
Private: re-order. (Major: bummer)
Ever wondered how people really made money on-line? (No)
Her excusable butt. (Whose?)
Which is similar. (to what?)
His guinea. (Whoa, that’s a good one)

Melissa - you can reach me at baileystewart at baileystewart dot net


Brandy said...

Hehe! I've said it before and I'll say it again, you get the best Spam! Not to mention you are brilliant to be able to entertain us with it! YAY BAILEY!

Michele said...

LOL,, drinking again?
Fun as usual, Bailey!
Thanks for the laugh

christa said...

What's spam doing interferring with your love life with Hugh.

Maybe if you adjust the medication and drink, you'll forget last night. LOL

Melissa said...

Thanks for my Friday does of spamarama! Email on its way in a few minutes.

Marty said...

Realize total and absolute power. (I already do.)

Awesome :)

Toni Anderson said...


Susan said...

Your loyal subject is bowing to the Queen of Spam! Thanks for the laughs.

jeanne said... :)Happy Friday the 13th