Friday, June 01, 2007

From Spam With Love

Sorry for being late. (Don’t do it again)
Do you remember me? (No, it’s been a while)
I itself purgatory (Why the hell not)
Found this on-line. (Put it back)
Herb wants to get Marty drunk at Bubba’s wedding. (Forget about Marty, I want to talk about Bubba’s wedding.)
What’s your future? (I see endless spam)
If this makes it to the front page, you have him to thank. (If this makes it to the front page, it’s a slow news day)
Is that possible? (Probably not, Paris Hilton could have a hang-nail)
We felt welcome and our humanity honored. (You must have been somewhere else)
Your neighbor’s have lost their alarm clock. (again with the alarm clock, why don’t they just get a sundial)
I found it! (Give that to me)
Want to hold a brick on your dick? (Once again, ouch)
If a relaxing moment turns into the right moment, will you be ready? (I don’t know, there’s that matter of the brick.)


catslady said...

Yes, the first the read spam friday roflmao. I missed it :)

Christa said...

"Our Bailey's back and we're gonna be in trouble
Hey-lah, hye-lah our Bailey's back
Our Bailey's back ,and she brought spam
Hye-lah, hye-lah, our Bailey's back

Anybody else want to add to it. I could only remember those lines.

Toni Anderson said...

Brick on your dick? And that is supposed to be good?

Hello *waves*

Lis said...

Now I've got that song in my head :) Glad to see you and spam friday are back! *happy dance*

raine said...

(Probably not, Paris Hilton could have a hang-nail)

Ain't it the truth! *snicker!*

Marty said...

Bubba's wedding? Is there something I don't know...should I expect an invitation? :)

bebo said...

Bubba's getting married??!!!! Sheesh... does Neely Shea know about this?

Tori Lennox said...

I have so missed the Friday Spam!!!

So, where's Bubba registered? *g*

Bailey Stewart said...

Marty, I want to talk about your drinking ... LOL

Tori - he's registered at Petsmart.

Christa - cute! I don't remember the rest either.

Toni - they think so.

Bebo - she's miffed, the eldest passed up again. Old maid.

Jeanne - yay your first!

Raine - my spam bumped from the froht page by a socialite no one really cares about. *sob*

Lis - be careful with that dancing.

Marty said...

Forget my drinking--who's Herb?

Susan said...

Yeah, the Queen of Spam is back and as funny as ever!

So when is Bubba's big day?

Bailey Stewart said...

Marty - I've been meaning to ask you that.

Susan - he's not saying, but I overheard him talking about Vegas.

Melissa said...

Oh, yes, my Friday is now complete. Thanks for the giggle, Bailey.

Brandy said...

YAY! Spamarama Friday!!


Dru said...

Spam is back. Yeah!