Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Spam, Another Dollar

The biggest butt! (Excuse me? Yours isn’t much better fella.)
After you open this letter you will need to purchase big condom. (What’s in it, magic seeds?)
Be damn good in it. (That would have to be one large condom.)
It was said on TV and written in magazines. (Well it must be true then.)
Whip out a huge pecker. (Oh no, Woody gone wild!)
Your next timepiece will be your companion for life. (I think this was meant for my neighbors.)
What an ass! (My neighbors or my big butt?)
Hello, this is a job offer from LUGANO. (Got benefits?)


bebo said...

Big Butts, magic seeds & a job offer from Lugano. What more could we ask of spam?

Melissa said...

Too funny.

So I read they already cancelled that reality TV show you posted about the other day!

Bailey Stewart said...

Yeah, what is with that? Only one airing before deciding that it isn't going to attract viewers? Give it at least 2 tries, so that viewer word of mouth can work!

Brandy said...

Spam is insulting you? HUH! Funny as always! I enjoy your Spamamrama Fridays. *G*
Hope you're having a good day!

Susan said...

Love the Spamamrama. I needed it after AI last night!

catslady said...

I've never heard of anything being canceled after one showing! I'm thinking people are beginning to get overdoes on all these reality shows lol.

catslady said...

lol I meant to say overdosed.