Wednesday, April 09, 2008

In Reality

My name is Bailey Stewart and I'm a reality show addict. Really. Reality. Who'da thunk. I live in a world of dreams and fantasy, creating stories in my mind, and yet ... I'm drawn to these shows. Tuesday night is no exception. I have American Idol, followed by the results show of Dancing With the Stars. And then, something I've been waiting for ever since I first saw it advertised ... Secret Talents of the Stars. Yikes! I cringe and yet at the same time I am utterly fascinated, sort of like when I'm channel surfing and pause at Jerry Springer. Why? Where do they find these people? But I digress, Secret Talents of the Stars. Like Danny Bonaduce has nothing else to do. Oh wait, he doesn't. Here's CBS' official blurb:

SECRET TALENTS OF THE STARS, a weekly celebrity talent show that reveals the unknown talents of sixteen well-known personalities. Each week, celebrities will compete in a tournament-structured format to determine who has the BEST unknown talent. Each performer on SECRET TALENTS OF THE STARS will fulfill his/her dream by practicing, and then performing live. Each performance will be critiqued by three judges - but it's the viewers who get to vote for the celebrity that has impressed them the most. Each week, the "Viewer Vote" will determine which celebrities move on in the competition, and who will go home.

Got it? Okay, here's the celebs and their talents:

Joshua Morrow from The Young and the Restless. He'll juggle. WhooPee! *sigh* Oh, wait! It's rock and roll juggling. Huh?

Cindy Margolis, an actress and model will do magic. Be still my heart ...

Sasha Cohen, Olympic figure skater is secretly a contortionist. Who'da thunk?

Ray Jones, Jr., a boxer who thinks he can rap. We'll see.

Bridget Marquardt, a Playboy Bunny. Guess what? She can bungee jump and jump on a trampoline. That's a talent?

Clint Black (the first one listed that didn't need any introduction) is a stand-up comedian. Country Western music about loving and losing vs. comedy. This could be interesting.

Danny Bonaduce, child star who can't seem to ... um, let go. He can ride a unicycle. Didn't anybody watch Dancing With the Stars on Monday? So can Adam what's-his-name.

Sheila E., one of the most talented percussionist/drummers in the music world. She's got rhythm, right? She can juggle too. Joshua or Sheila, who is better? Stay tuned to As the Stars Turn.

Wrestler Ric Flair salsa dances! Who? Sorry folks, not a wrestling fan. You'll have to turn to Lis for that one. Salsa? Oooookay!

Legendary Boxing champion Joe Frazier is going to sing R&B. Now, I am kinda looking forward to this. Stand-up comedy and singing - that's talent. Even Rap is a talent. Unicycle? Juggling - well, okay, yeah it takes a certain sense of balance, etc. but come on people.

Marla Maples, the ex-Mrs. Donald Trump. Talk about not letting go of their 15 minutes. What can Ms. Maples do besides look pretty? She can do gymnastics. And who said she wasn't flexible?

Jo Dee Messina. Talented Country Western Singer. There's a song of her's that I can't remember the name of, but I love it. Anyway, her talent is described as hip-hop meets step dance. What? Hmmm, could be interesting ... could be a disaster.

Mya, a singer I've never heard of, is going to do one of my favorites - she's going to tap dance. I love tap dancing. I have nothing sarcastic to say about this.

Ben Stein, who obviously is done giving away his money, is going to Swing Dance? Memories of Jerry Springer dance in my head.

Cosby alum, Malcolm-Jamal Warner (who I secretly think is kinda hot) - Original Song (Bass & Vocals). Now, that could be interesting.

And last, but not least ...

George Takei. Yes, Sulu. I'm surprised he's not doing comedy. Really. I saw him on Thank God You're Here (and if you never caught this one - it was funny) and he was hysterical. But no, what is the 71 year old Star Trekker going to do? Sing Country Music. In front of Clint Black and Jo Dee Messina. Brave soul. Or senility. You choose.

So there you have it - the cast of Secret Talents of the Stars. Now, unlike other celeb-filled reality shows (Dancing With the Stars included), this one actually has some real celebs instead of wannabes, has beens and "who?". Clint Black, Jo Dee Messina, Sasha Cohen, Joe Frazier, and Sheila E.

Yes, I am Bailey Stewart, and I will be glued to the tube at 9:00 pm cdt.

I found it! This is the song by Jo Dee Messina that I love


Brandy said...

That video made me blubber. And it may be bad, but I Thank God that Chris got out of the AF when he did.

As for the reality show. I get way too excited when DWTS comes on, but this new reality show, not so much. Eh.

Enjoy watching it! And let us know how bad they do. *G*

Have a good night sweets!

Bailey Stewart said...

It is a beautiful song. I heard it the first time after John Ritter died, she played it on some talk show and dedicated it to him.

It wasn't too bad. They had 4 stars on tonight: Sasha, George, Mya and Clint Black. I thought Mya was amazing, but she didn't make the vote. Clint was very good - I laughed when I was supposed to. He and Sasha are going on. George? Well lets just say that he should have been beamed up somewhere.

Next week will be Josh Morrow, Ray Jones, Jr., Jo Dee Messina, and Bridget Marquardt.

Melissa said...

Powerful video, Bailey.

Glad you enjoyed your show!

Dru said...

I am not a reality show person, but I like knowing the results. I may even tune into the last episode featuring the final two. You'll have to keep us up-to-date on those that make it to the next round. BTW, are there judges for this show or are we just seeing their secret talent?

bebo said...

Sheesh... there you go with your reality shows again. If I hid the remote, would you go into withdrawal? Wait, I don't want to see that. I can't stand any more bruises or broken bones.

Hope you enjoyed it!
Personally, I did taxes last night for the other SIL! Woopee.

Bailey Stewart said...

Sttay away from my remote Bebo, I might have to hurt you.

Dru, yes there are judges:
Debbie Reynolds
Brian McKnight
Gavin Polone: Producer, The Panic Room, Curb Your Enthusiasm and teh Gilmore Girls (I figured you wouldn't know who he was either)

And John O'Hurley (from the first season of Dancing With the Stars) is the host.

Tori Lennox said...

I wouldn't watch this show if you paid me. Unless, y'know, you paid me millions of dollars. *g* I'm still pissed that they cancelled my beloved Jericho for this drivel.

Christa said...

I knew I missed a show I wanted to check out after turning off tv after Hell's Kitchen

Melissa Marsh said...

I can't stand reality t.v. I know, I know, I'm a bit odd. ;-)

Susan said...

I miss Jericho too! I forgot all about that new show being on.

catslady said...

I'm a day late. I too cried through that video :(

As for reality TV, my husband is going to divorce me if I add one more show. I watch Survivor, DWTS and American Idol. I know...only 3 for goodness sake. Of course then there's the regular programming. He got so spoiled during the strike lol.

Rene said...

I don't watch much reality t.v. I do watch "Hell's Kitchen," but my obsession with Gordon Ramsay probably has a lot to do with that. Plus it is so damn funny. My other guilty pleasure was "Celebrity Rehab." I loved that show. Of course, I'd watch an insurance seminar if Dr. Drew hosted. He's hot.

Mya is in a video game I play. She plays NSA Agent Mya Starling in the James Bond game "Everything or Nothing" that I play on the GameCube. Heidi Klum, Shannon Elizabeth and Willem Defoe are in it as well as Pierce Brosnan.

Brandy said...

Um, Bailey? Your show was just cancelled after one episode. Sorry.....

Bailey Stewart said...

No! Really? After one episode? It must have really tanked in the ratings. I wanted to see Joe Frazier sing.

Lexi said...

Yep, TANKED in the ratings and GONE! I don't get the reality TV show craze. Can someone explain it? I watched 1/2 a season of the Bachelorette a long time ago (Trista & Ryan) and one season of Survivor (Thailand-because I'd been there). But I can't imagine being glued to the TV every night to these shows when there are so many good books to read!

Lis said...

Ric Flair is going to salsa dance? OMG this I have to see. Tell me I didn't miss it. Off to google.