Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm so excited and here's why:

I can't wait until May 22!!!!

I also have some great news (for me). I have a new car!! Well, not new, it's a 2000, but it's newer than the POS Mazda that I was driving and in much better shape. It was Bebo's car. Saturday, she bought a new one and I was able to buy her Saturn SL2 from her. It's grey/silverish and it has a CD player! Okay, I miss my moon roof, but hey, a CD player people!

So, what's up with you? Is there a movie coming out that you're really excited about?


Dru said...

Congrats on your *new* car.

You and me both. I can't wait to check out the latest Indiana Jones movie. I'm also waiting for Get Smart.

Christa said...

congrats, wow new apartment, new books and now a car.
Can't say I'm waiting to see any movies. Not much of a movie goer.

Shelley Munro said...

Sigh - I can't wait for the new Indiana Jones movie. I guess we'll have to wait for it a little longer than May 22. I'm not sure when it starts in NZ.

Congrats on the new car. I'd be happy with a CD player too :)

bebo said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the Saturn! It's been a really good baby for me and I'm sure it will be good to you too.

I'm looking forward to Indy but also.... SPEED RACER! Matthew Fox as Racer X should be pretty good!

Scott said...

It's so funny, but when your post first came up I couldn't tell what the film was about, but I knew it was Indiana Jones. I'll be there in line too. In fact, I need to get my son to watch the first movie without freaking out about the blood and gore, comic as it is, so we can see it together. That or I'll take my wife. I love those movies, and I'm so happy that Harrison Ford is doing the role he loves once again.

Melissa Marsh said...

I cadn't wait to see Indiana Jones!!! Oh, and the next James Bond, which won't be until October or November, but I will be FIRST in line when that one opens!

Tori Lennox said...

I'll have to wait until the new Indy movie hits Pay Per View. *sigh*

Congrats on the new-to-you car!!! I loved my Saturn!!!

Melissa said...

Oh, that looks good. I love Indy movies.

I'm looking forward to Narnia, Prince Caspian, and in August, The Clone Wars.

Susan said...

Now I want to see photos of both your new home and car!

Brandy said...

Congratulations on the new to you Car! How exciting! I wish my Jeep had a CD player. *G*
My whole family is looking forward to the Indiana Jones movie. It will be one of the few we go see together.
Sounds as though you're doing well Bailey! I am so happy for you!

catslady said...

Congrats! I drive a '93 honda so no cd player for me but I really don't do a lot of driving so I'm ok with it.
I too hope you take some pics soon.
I want to see that movie - if it's half as good as the last ones it will still be great.

Toni Anderson said...

That is awesome!!!

Indie and the car :)

Lexi said...

Woohoo! Congrats on the car! I hope you and your car are very happy together for a long time!

And Indiana? WOW! I'd forgotten how much I love those movies.