Friday, April 18, 2008

Thunder and Spam

Hi sweety! Remember me? (Nope.)
What’s so funny? (Just the thought of me missing spam.)
Just you and my rubber duckie. (Don’t get that duck near me!)
Most popular jang enlargement (A rubber duckie can … wait, I don’t want to know)
Bebo showcases at SXSW! (She does what?)
Check out this huge ass. (She’s going to get you for that.)
Don’t look! (Make up your mind. First I’m supposed to check it out, then I’m not supposed to look. Sheesh.)
Your academic qualification expired. (They’ll have to pry that diploma out of my cold, dead hands.)
Remember youth. (Barely)
When I was your age, we had eight inch floppies. (I’m sorry. Maybe you need a rubber duckie?)


Ranurgis said...

Congratulations on the as-always funny spam takes. I definitely needed those tonight.

Think of you often, but rarely feel like "talking."

Tori Lennox said...

I want to know what Bebo's doing at SXSW. *g*

Bailey Stewart said...

I couldn't believe it when that one came up! She is trying to be more spontaneous.

bebo said...

Ha! I'm spontaneously showcasing the rubber ducky! With my "fat ass!" *snort*

Tickets available thru your local scalper...


Christa said...

and what else aren't you telling us about Bebo that we have to find out from SPAM

Meretta said...

Hey, congratulations on the car! I bet you're having a blast with that CD system. :)

Congrats to Bebo on hers too!

Brandy said...

Rubber Duckie? Ummmm, yeah. *G* Spam is going after your diploma? GAH! Hide it! *G*

Hope you're having a wonderful friday!

Susan said...

Bebo, you've been holding out on us! Thanks for letting us in on her secret life, Bailey.

catslady said...

Oh these were extremely funny this week and Bebo shame on you hahaha.

Melissa said...