Friday, April 25, 2008

Spam and Such

Which ones really work? We list the Top Penis Enlargement products! (I’ve seen a lot of lists in my lifetime. But this one beats 'em all.)
baileystewart’s naked video. (As produced by Wes Craven.)
Enlarge your dummy length. (My dummy is long enough as it is.)
Men and women FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. (You mean I can have Hugh shipped here for free? Wow!)
Her heaving bosom pics. (I got rid of those years ago. The heaving bosoms, not the pics.)
Then with a gentle look you took my hand. (That wasn’t me. Honest.)
I love bargain hunting here. (For spam, there are no bargains here.)
Success is a fish that is pulled from an ocean. (Not for the fish.)
“I don’t know” he’d get mad and yell: “_ why _ don’t you know?” ( _ because you _ didn’t tell _ me?)
Be a PORN star for a day. (Can’t I be one in lower case?)

Look, Bubba has a girlfriend. Her name is Apryl and she lives in Houston. Aren't they cute?

imikimi - Customize Your World

This is a better picture of Apryl:

Here's what she made for her MySpace page (the one of them together was done by her too)


She says that Bubba is a sexy orange kitty. Bubba?


Brandy said...

Awww Bubba's girlfriend is a cutie! *G*
The international shipping one might be the only way I get to visit Scotland. Lovin' the Spamarama Friday!

Bailey Stewart said...

Yes, the future mother-in-law is quite pleased with Apryl. Who would have thought that Bubba could attract such a pretty and talented kitty.

glenice said... you think you are old enough to be getting serious about such matters?? :) your girl is stunning!!!

OK who wants to be a porn one! they want to be a PORN star :) see...just not the same effect :)

oh and no offense but I really don't want to see those naked if they were of Hugh that would be a different story!!!

bebo said...

I just want to know where they got hold of the baileystewart naked video.... PORN star indeed!

I'm with Glenice.... give me the naked HUGH videos!

Melissa said...

Hahaha. Love the Friday spam.

Bubba's girl is a babe! He'd better treat her right!!!

Christa said...

with your naked video you're halfway to becoming a PORN star.
Apryl is a cutie. Ism't feline love grand

Susan said...

Oh my! If Hugh watches baileystewart’s naked video he'll be at your door in no time!

Bubba your girlfriend is gorgeous!

Shelley Munro said...

LOL - I wonder how much business they actually get from their emails. Some of the spam is seriously disturbing.

Very cute kitties :)

catslady said...

lol my daughter's name is April. You just know I love all the cat pics and videos and of course spam friday!

Marty said...

Wow, Bubba's love life is really pick ing up. Maybe some of that spam is for him?