Friday, September 23, 2011

Is Anything Real?

What’s she doing?

Looking for a heroine for her story.

Oh no!!!!!! Don’t do it Bailey!!!!

What? What’s the matter Ern?

No matter how bad it appears, don’t, don’t turn to drugs …

Ern .. not that heroine … heroine, like in a female hero.

Wouldn’t a female hero be transgendered?

*Bud shakes imaginary head*  You totally drive me nuts

No I don’t, they won’t let me have a license.

I’m ignoring the last bit of this conversation.

Yeah, like you always ignore me.

I wish.  Anyway, she’s looking for a lady for her hero to fall in love with.  She’s looking for Casey.

You mean as in “Casey at Bat”?  Kinda hard to have a book without the title character.  Even I can figure that out.

Then that makes it a major “duh”.  So, she’s clicking through pictures, trying to find …

STOP!!!  That’s her!!!

Ern, that’s a mannequin.

No, I’m sure it’s a female .. and I don’t care if she’s kin or not …

*Bud buries imaginary head in hands*  No, a mannequin .. a plastic doll that’s used to show clothes in department stores.

Oh, a model …

Close .. anyway, she’s not real

That’s what you keep telling me .. that we’re not real.  So if we’re not real and we speak to folks, and she’s not real …..

No Ern, can’t do it.  A mannequin can not be the heroine in a romance novel.

Can too .. I saw it in a movie …

Movies aren’t real …

Would you stop that!!!!  Is anything real???

Well Descartes, that is a good question …

What cart?  The lunch cart????

Say bye Ern ….

By Ern …..


whateverfor said...

If I think too much on what's real, I freak myself out. Kind of like the music video for THE WORLD I KNOW by collective soul - I would hate to find out my life has all been a figment of my or someone else's imagination. Hmm... Interesting story idea possibly brewing. It's been done before, of course.

Bailey Stewart said...

Hon, they've all been done before. Isn't there a saying that there are only 7(?) original storylines - that it's all in the telling?

You mean sort of like St. Elsewhere, on the final episode you learned that the entire run of the series was a figment of an autistic child's imagination?

Brandy said...

Real or not, life sure is a weird journey.

Lis said...

Ah Mannequin, one of my favorite 80s movies :)

Sometimes it'd actually make sense if this whole life thing was someone else's imagination.

Bailey Stewart said...

Yep Brandy, a long, long, trek.

Lis - and if I find out who it is, I'm going to slap them silly .....