Friday, September 02, 2011

Why I Didn't Do a Blog Post on Wednesday, by Bud and Ernie

She’s been tweeting.

Tweeting? Like a bird?

No, tweeting as in to tweet.

Or not to tweet …

Are you listening to me?

I always listen to you …

Yeah, right. What did I just say then?

Yeah, right ….

Ernie ….

That’s my name, don’t screw it up.

Why do I put up with you?

Because the Easter Bunny isn’t talking to you any more?

She is too!

Whatever ….. so this blog thing is late huh?

Like I said, she’s been tweeting.

Would bird seed help?

It’s not tweeting, like birds do, although I guess it’s based on that, but not really and … don’t confuse me.

Why not? You confuse me all of the time.

Because it’s so easy to do.

If I had an eye, I’d give you the stink one right now.

Listen, I think I hear your mom calling you ..

You do?

Yeah, and she’s getting on the bus to go to Candyland.

Without me?

Looks like it.


Wait, Ernie! You didn’t say goodbye to the nice folks! Oh well, y’all have a nice day, I know I will …. I get to be alone with my own voice. Maybe I'll call the Easter Bunny? *snicker*


Lis said...

I can just imagine the havoc Bud & Ernie would create in Candyland lol Hope my two favorite voices have a good long weekend!

Bailey Stewart said...

Don't boost their ego.

She can boost our ego

yeah ... um, is that like a Ugo??

A Ugo is a car, or was.

Then what's an ego? No wait, I know!!! It's a waffle you get out of the toaster. Yum!!! Yeah, Lis, come boost our ego!!!!!

*sigh* I thought you were at Candyland

The ladders fell down ...

why am I not suprised ..

You're not surprised??? Did you knock them down?? Bud!!!!! Poor Humpty Dumpty couldnn't get down, you know what that means?


Lis said...

Loving Bud & Ernie's obsession with breakfast foods lol Now I'm hungry dang it!

Brandy said...

But, I thought the Easter Bunny wasn't talking to him? *g* Love the post!