Friday, April 27, 2007

The Spam Whisperer

Descendant (I’m descended from Spam?)
I like you (I’ll try not to let it go to my head.)
Correct this if its wrong. (It’s wrong)
Thank you for your time. (Anytime you want me to tell you you’re wrong, just ask.)
Afterthought pail (I’ve heard of the porcelain god …)
When will this finish? (When Marty says it is.)
Just keep in touch. (We do this every Friday, remember?)
Sorry I did forgot. (That’s okay, you’ve got other things to think about, like grammar.)
Your neighbors lost their alarm clock. (This again?)
Let’s go check it out. (You go, I’ve got some digging in the backyard to do.)
Can we help? (Nope, I’m just wasting time.)
Make sure you cover your tracks. (Don’t worry, they never look back there.)
Sergeant Preston is on the case. (Oh no – I’m shaking in my sandals.)
He lives in Wisconsin with his wife and two kids. (I thought he lived in the Yukon?)


Anonymous said...

Let it be finished, let it be done :) But only if Sgt. Preston agrees.

Brandy said...

When you're digging in the backyard make sure you spread the dirt evenly, *g*. You never know when the neighbors will be looking for their clocks.

raine said...

Sergeant Preston is back!

"We'll find that clock! On, King! On, you Huskies!"

Anonymous said...

ROFL! Great batch today, Bailey!!!

Dru said...

these were good!

Unknown said...

Great stuff. Thanks for the laughs.

Anonymous said...

Bailey, you rule as the Queen of Spam!

catslady said...

LOL funny as always :)

Michele said...

"Afterthought pail"

Ah! I was missing those clock references!

Shaking in your sandals? Must be Prada ... spindly things. *gg*

Fun Spam! Great title, usual.