Monday, August 06, 2007

Cat Demands

Bubba here. We have Bailey gagged and tied up in the closet. It wasn’t easy, but running around her feet a few times got her to the floor. We have the following demands.

One – Catnip. Not that little bit in those pink fuzzy mice. The real stuff. The weed, man, the weed.

Two – Tuna. Not in springwater, but in oil. It’s good for our coats and those tacky hairballs.

Three – Me, Aidan and BooBear would like our balls back. We weren’t broke, we didn’t need fixing. We want what rightly belongs to us, it’s only fair.

Four – Garfield on the 2008 Presidential Ticket.

Is that all?
Aidan: The milk, the milk.

Oh yeah, five – milk with lots of cream. Even ice cream would be nice.

Is that it?
BooBear: Birds

I got it – six – Birds. Lots of them. I want to try one of them Ostriches.

That’s all, .... oh, what Neely?
Neely: soft pillows.

And Neely wants soft pillows, maybe made out of the feathers of those birds. Hehe

Get these seven things for us, and we’ll return Bailey.


Brandy said...

Okay Bubba, I have a pair of kitty nail clippers, let Bailey go and no one gets hurt.

As an aside, Bailey your cats are hilarious!

Tori Lennox said...

Oh dear. I'm afraid you're right out of luck on #3.

I sure hope Brandy's able to free Bailey!

Bailey Stewart said...

We laugh at your nail clippers, human! You don't scare us.

Out of luck on #3? You'd better hope not because we're serious. We want our balls back.

Melissa Marsh said...

Ice cream? Surely not! Too many calories.

(Bailey, as the new, proud owner of three cats, I now know completely what you mean about them trying to take over the world. Pinky and the Brain should have been CATS and not lab mice!)

Susan said...

Now Bubba, I have a dog with some good dog friends who wouldn't mind coming to Bailey's rescue. And it wouldn't make a difference if you still had your balls. You've been warned!

Christa said...

Bubba- if you let Bailey go I'll give you and the cats directions to my sister's place. She has some catnip plants in her garden and I'm pretty sure she has extra as she only has two cats.
You might have to settle for tennis balls

Bailey Stewart said...

catnip plants? Like go outside? We don't go outside.

And you Human Susan - your dogs can't get through our doors.

Human Melissa - you don't own those cats, they own you. And we are planning world domination.

Lis said...

Hmmm, before we begin negotiations, its only fair for us to know Bailey is okay :o)

Dennie McDonald said...

I'll totally go in for number #4

Where do I sign up? Though, don't forget: two dogs no that a conflict of interest?

Melissa said...

Bubba be a good kitty and let Bailey go:) You're cute and furry and think you rule the world. Most days you do, but I gotta let you in on a little secret. You rule because we let you. I mean what human didn't melt when they saw Puss in Boots for the first time during Shrek 2 and those big wide eyes of his. But hate to tell you bud, or rather, Bub, we humans are still in charge. Just ask my three furbabies. Now that we've gotten that straight...

Let my girl go or I'm coming after you...with the most powerful watergun I can find.

Be afraid, Bubba, be very, very afraid.

Bailey Stewart said...

Did you say watergun? We'll get back atcha.

Dru said... the water gun. I see big boxes in your future...once you're inside, you can't escape until Bailey is set free.

raine said...

I'm good for one, two, five, and seven.
(and ostriches, btw, are mean little buggers who kick serious ass).
As for the balls, boys, you'll have to chalk those babies up as a loss.
May I recommend testosterone shots instead?

bebo said...

Jack-jack adds that he wants plenty of belly scratches from his Aunty Bailey... and he's right there with the boys in wanting his balls back too.


Kelly said...

Too funny! And who knew Bubba could type??

Bernita said...