Friday, August 31, 2007

Of Mice and Spam

Hey, remember me? (Who could forget?)
Here is the news you’ve been waiting for. (Oh, goody, goody.)
Your neighbors lost their alarm clock. (That’s not news. And I’m sure that’s not the news I wanted.)
Sheesh, what are you thinking? (That maybe Hugh Jackman was on his way here?)
I’m sorry I sprung that. (You should be)
Glad I didn’t wait any longer. (You could have waited forever.)
Don’t worry, be happy! (I talk to spam, what is there to be happy about?)
I have to leave town. (Now I’m happy.)


Brandy said...

I like these! Too funny! Your poor neighbors and their alarm clocks!
Have a wonderful friday!

Christa said...

I predict spam will only leave town for a week.

Marty said...

"Now I'm happy" LOL--have a great holiday weekend :)

bebo said...

Your spam is still better than any spam I've ever seen. LOL! And you have such great retorts!!

You know... my Momma likes spam for breakfast, but hers comes in a can... ;p

Susan said...

My favorite part of Spamarama is your witty responses! Well done!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Denise McDonald said...

what is w/ that dern alarm . . .

have a great weekend!!

Sandy J said...

I have missed Friday spamarama!