Friday, August 03, 2007

Tomorrow Never Spams

Prepare yourself for this (Nothing you can do will surprise me)
A truly remarkable durg. (Obviously)
Wobbly cab driver (I guess he enjoyed that durg too.)
Face became very flushed and hot. (I know, I get that way when I think of Hugh Jackman)
Just talk to him. (Sometimes you come up with the most asinine ideas.)
Sorry, I’ll try to think harder. (Don’t hurt yourself.)
We know each other? (We were just … oh nevermind.)
Penis pill money back guarantee. (How do you get a penis to take a pill?)


bebo said...

I love it when spamarama sounds like an actual conversation... okay, so it's a conversation w/ a deranged person... but HEY! It's spam!

And if Tomorrow never Spams... will we never have spamarama again?!

Bailey Stewart said...

As long as I can think of things to say, there will be spam. Almost didn't happen tonight - I had such a hard time with this for some reason.

Bailey Stewart said...

And who are you referring to as deranged?

Brandy said...

I SO enjoy Spamarama Friday!
You get the Best Spam Ever. No neighbors and alarm clocks this week? Eh, can't blame you, they might get suspicious. *g*

Hope you had a good week! (And that you have a wonderful friday!)

bebo said...

I would never - NEVER I say! - refer to you as "deranged". Crazy, loony-tunes, off your rocker.. Sure! But never deranged!

hehehe! ;>

Susan said...

I'm with Bebo, not the "Crazy, loony-tunes, off your rocker.." part but the conversation part. You out did yourself this week! I'm bowing to you.

Have a great weekend!

Cryna said...

I had to come and get my Spam fix from you. I so enjoy them. Thanks, Bailey.

Olga said...

I hate spam but love your spamarama. Lol on the "durg". One can't make this up, honestly! Have a nice week-end, Bailey!

Bernita said...

Don't you just love the mis-spellings!

Melissa said...

HaHa. Hugh Jackman, huh?

thanks for the laughs!

Marty said...

I was gone for 4 days and accumulated 350+ spams. You take spam and make spaminade :)