Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Books, Books, Books

I was blessed with an overabundance of book gift certificates this holiday season. Everyone knows that I don’t have money to buy books, so they took pity upon me. LOL
Anyway, a co-worker gave me a GC to Walmart, where I bought three Blazes:

One Wild Wedding Night by Leslie Kelly
My Guilty Pleasure by Jamie Denton
A Blazing Little Christmas by Jacquie D’Alessandro, Joanne Rock and Kathleen O’Reilly

Then I won a GC for (waving at Ames) and my cousin also sent me one:

The Ex-Girlfriends Club by Rhonda Nelson
Kidnapped by Jo Leigh
Feeling the Heat by Rhonda Nelson
The Black Sheep and the Princess (Unholy Trinity, Book 1) by Donna Kauffman
Built by someone named Ames
Sexy Devil by Sasha White

Someone else sent me a GC to Barnes and Noble (waving at Olga). The B. Dalton at the mall is going out of business and everything was 50% off, and since they are owned by B&N I was able to use the card there:

‘Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy by Leslie Langtry
Sex and the Psychic Witch by Annette Blair
C.J.’s Fate by Kay Hooper (a reprint of her first Loveswept)
Born to be Wilde by Janelle Denison
Double Dating With the Dead by Karen Kelley

I also won a GC to Borders (waving at Dennie) which I used to buy my 2008 Date Book, I really rely on these things.

But I still have 3 GC to Borders left (waving at Bebo and my sister). One is for the new Kay Hooper book, Blood Dreams, which comes out this month. The second for Small Favors (The Dresden Files, Book 10) which comes out April. The third – for whatever comes up.

So, what’s on your TBR pile?


Melissa said...

Gift cards to bookstores are way too much fun! Enjoy all your new books, Bailey! Sounds like you got some good ones. I am currently reading book 1 of the Spiderwick Chronicles. I will continue to read the rest of the series until I catch up with my oldest who is tearing through the books!

Happy New Year!

Brandy said...

I have Blood Dreams on Hold at my library, I can't wait to read it and am scared to read it! *g*
In my TBR stack I have Down and Dirty by Sandra Hill, Witch in the House by Jenna Mcknight and The Remains of the Dead (a Ghost Dusters Mustery) by Wendy Roberts.
I, too, was given GC to bookstores. One I've spent already, one I have online and keep staring at smiling and another I haven't touched because I am biding my time, waiting for Feb!
I hope you enjoy all those books! let me know how Double Dating with the Dead is please?

Happy New Year!

Lynn said...

I got one B&N gift card. I can't wait to use it. I hit the Waldenbooks at my mall that is going out of business and after discounts, still spent way too much money! But, it's worth it. I love new books. The smell...

Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to, Bailey! Happy New Year!

Shesawriter said...

Dang girl, you sure musta been good cause Santa loaded you up! I'm jealous!

Shirley said...

I had several books given me for Christmas which was great. (I obviously did a good job dropping hints.) I'm currently reading Ian Rankin's 'Exit Music'. Brilliant.

Happy New Year, Bailey. Hope you have a wonderful 2008!

Dru said...

I also got a couple of GC to bookstores and I can't wait to peruse the store and leave with a armload of books. I already have over 100 books I'm waiting to read on my list but I'm patiently waiting for JD Robb and Janet Evanovich latest release.

Enjoy your reading. I just finished Born To be Wilde and I enjoyed it.

Tori Lennox said...

Wow! You made out like a bandit in the gift card department. :)

Denise McDonald said...

I have the new Ghost Hunters' book on my TBR and that's it! (well Spare got Haunted Baseballl for Christmas and I want to read that too) and I guess since I am reading the Bell Witch book right now I have a major theme going - LOL!

Christa said...

yay on the gc's.
Right now I'm reading Sizzle, Seduce and Simmer which has something like 30 Australian authors contributing short stories and recipes then on to Day LeClaire's February Desire Dante's Blackmailed Bride

Bailey Stewart said...

Melissa, I've been having fun.

Happy New Year to you too.

Bailey Stewart said...

Brandy - I can't wait for Blood Dreams! I'll let you know about Double Dating With the Dead

Bailey Stewart said...

Lynne, I wouldn't have had so many if I hadn't won a few. Ames thinks I should go buy a lottery ticket.

I love the smell and feel of a brand new book.

Happy New Years!

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh Tanya, I was very good.

Bailey Stewart said...

Shirley, isn't it great when people actually pay attention to what you want?

Happy 2008 to you too.

Bailey Stewart said...

Dru, I love the Wilde books.

Yes, an armload of books that you didn't pay for is always wonderful.

Bailey Stewart said...

Yes I did Tori, thankyouverymuch.

Bailey Stewart said...

Denise - you have the new Ghost Hunters book! I want that. Sounds like someone is on a paranormal kick.

Bailey Stewart said...

Wow Christa, the multi-author book sounds neat.

Susan said...

You got some great books! In my TBR pile is Strong and Sexy, Tangled Up In You by Rachel Gibson, Just a Taste by Deirdre Martin are just a few of many.

Bailey Stewart said...

Strong and Sexy should be here today. I'm reading Sex and the Psychic Witch right now.

catslady said...

Congrats on all the GC's. I have a few but I'm just so horrible at making decisions - I keep putting it off because I can't make up my mind lol.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh Jeanee, they just "talked" to me. Of course, some of the authors were auto-buys (Leigh, Nelson, that Ames person, White) and others were new to me (Blair, Langtry), so we'll see.

Lis said...

Ooh nice stash of books!! :)

glenice said...

my tbr is almost 300 right now...jeez! it got way out of control with my book swaps I do...I will have to stop them and catch up on some reading...can't read fast enough these days! :)


I agree with a lottery ticket... :) just don't go overboard...

Bailey Stewart said...

Okay, one lottery ticket coming up.