Monday, November 03, 2008

Enough is enough, is enough, is enough

Bebo sent me something the other day about how wealthy people aren’t always happy, you know, that money can’t buy you happiness sort of thing. It got me thinking about how when I was a child, back in the olden days, after I’d walked ten miles to school in six foot snow uphill both ways, that I wanted to be filthy rich. I wanted to marry (insert movie/TV/singer crush of the month) and live in a Vanderbilt-type mansion and have tons of kids. Unfortunately, since the love of my life, Hugh, is happily married, I’ve had to modify that dream. No, really, as I’ve grown up I’ve discovered that what I want in life has changed. I just want enough. You know, comfort vs. wealth. What do I want?

- enough money to pay my bills
- enough money for rent on a two bedroom apartment (notice no Vanderbilt here?)
- enough money for a flat-screen TV (okay, there’s still some “wealth” ideas LOL)
- enough money for a new car
- enough money to give to a charity or two
- enough money for groceries
- if I want to buy a nice gift for someone for their birthday or Christmas, I want enough money to do so
- I don’t ever, ever want to have to put a furbaby to sleep because I can’t afford the treatment (my poor Devlin)
- I want good health care
- I want health care period
- Dental insurance
- Full coverage for car insurance
- I want to be able to buy books when I want to
- Hmmm, I don’t want money to ever be the focus of any such list again
- If the car needs work, I want to be able to pay for it
- I don’t want to use credit cards
- Digital TV?
- A PC with all the bells and whistles
- A laptop with all the bells and whistles
- Internet on my phone
- Pay off all of the credit cards that I defaulted on
- A trip to Ireland (Okay, there are still some big dreams)

I’m sure that there are a few other things, but nothing “ostentatious”. I don’t want a lot any more, I just want … enough.

How about you?


Brandy said...

I hear you. I would be satisfied with enough. Enough to pay for hubs classes without having to wait a couple of months in between them. Enough to be able to a book whenever. Enough to put new brakes on my Jeep now instead of having to wait another month or so. Enough to be able to buy the neighbors dog a new dog house because the poor dog barely has a roof now and my neighbor is EVIL. *sigh* Like you, enough to give to charities.

Maybe one day......

That said, I hope you have a GOOD day.

Melissa Marsh said...

I completely agree. I just want enough to be comfortable. Besides, all those huge houses are a pain to clean! ;-)

bebo said...

I learned the hard way the difference in what I WANT & what I NEED. Now I just want enough to cover what I need, and enough to allow me to be generous with my family & my friends, and to help support my charities.

I don't need a "house" as long as I am not living on the streets. I don't need fashion-forward clothes as long as I'm not runnning around naked (YIKES!). Same w/ car, as long as I have transportation to work... You get my drift.

catslady said...

Add me to that list - we owe more than we make. Don't forget to vote tomorrow - I for one think it's at least a step in the right direction (especially if one particular party wins over another). Other than that we can always hope to win the lottery.

Susan said...

You know what is funny, I keep forgetting that I am considered as living at the poverty level. It's only when elections are going on that I feel poor. I know what you mean!

Lexi said...

I'm in there too. I'd like enough to be comfortable, pay my bills, give to some charities, not have to use the credit card and wonder which month I'll finally pay it off.