Monday, September 22, 2008

Do you believe in miracles?

(UPDATE, FEBRUARY 26, 2009:oops, I guess I shouldn't have deleted those pictures from photobucket, huh? But read anyway if you hadn't, the full meaning of this blog is in the story near the end)

I know I’ve talked a lot about Hurricane Ike but could you please indulge me one more time? To set up this story, I need to show you a few more pictures of the damage from the storm. Please read to the end. Thank you. Unless specified, all pictures are of Galveston.

Here’s the hurricane as it approaches. Yes, the house burned to the ground, no way to get to it. Besides, in all likelihood this house wouldn’t have survived anyway.


Here’s a shrimp boat in Louisiana that was tossed several feet across the highway.


A truck completely turned over and submerged.


A submerged cemetery.


Here’s a neighborhood in Clear Creek Channel, on the Bolivar Peninsula on Galveston Island, overcome by the gulf.


A road in Bridge High Island, Galveston, that was completely destroyed.


So much sand brought up by the storm that it entombed cars. This is in Gilchrist, another town on the Bolivar Peninsula.


And let’s not forget Winnie, Texas.


But the most astonishing is this picture of a barge that was lifted and tossed 6 miles from its berth in Port Arthur, Texas.


I’m showing you these to give you an idea (if you didn’t already have one) of the sheer force of the winds and power of Hurricane Ike. If it could do this to a truck, shrimp boat, town and even a barge, what could it do to a houseboat moored to a pier in a marina in Galveston?

A man went back to Galveston recently during the island’s look and leave period. Residents were allowed in for a short time during the day (the island is still locked down from dusk to dawn) to check on their homes and property. The car he rode in took him down into Galveston to the marina where his houseboat had been left. He could see other boats smashed up against the walls of nearby apartment houses or in parking lots, like this one.


As they entered the marina, he could also see that other boats were sunk, the tops barely showing above the water. His heart sunk the further they went into the marina. As they rounded a bend he couldn’t believe what he saw. Utter destruction surrounded him, and yet, there tied up to the pier, was his houseboat. Yes, no other boat around it. There was a little bit of water inside and the tarp was torn, but otherwise, his boat was fine. Everything was as he had left it on that Friday when Ike approached. His was the only boat to survive. He spent that day pumping out most of the water before he had to leave. Then the phone call to his father, his father’s phone call to me. You see, that man is my nephew and when we all had thought he had lost everything; he lost nothing except for his car. But you can get another car; you can never replace the sentimental things you own. And he lost none of it.

Yes, there are miracles.

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Lis said...

Wow, there's no other word to describe that but awesome. When I was watching CNN and the storm hit Galveston I thought about your nephew, very glad to hear he had very little damage to the houseboat. How absolutely lucky and blessed!

Congrats Brandy!

Sue said...

That's so great about your nephew, Bailey. Miracles do happen. He must still be stunned. Thanks for sharing some good news.

Tori Lennox said...

That's awesome news about your nephew's houseboat!!!

Congrats, Brandy!

Susan said...

That is wonderful news! It is amazing how a hurricane or tornado destroys so much but somehow misses a few things entirely.

Congratulations, Brandy!

bebo said...

Yes, I believe in miracles... :)

Melissa Marsh said...

Simply amazing story, Bailey! A true miracle. :-)

Dru said...

He was truly blessed and miracles happen every day.

catslady said...

Thanks for a very uplifting story - very amazing. How sad for so many.

Congrats Brandy.

Brandy said...

Miracles do exist, in every day. I am glad your nephew is safe and his loss's were minumum, what a wonderful belssing!

And thank you!

I hope you're having a pleasant Monday!

Toni Anderson said...

That is amazing. You know, I was hoping for a miracle :) One day you get him to send you a picture you can post. Wonderful news.

raine said...

Glad to hear it, Bailey. :)

Marty said...

Thanks for sharing that--so glad he's safe and everything is intact. Amazing.

Saskia Walker said...

Such astonishing photos. I'm so very glad your nephew had such a postive end to his story. I bet he thought he was dreaming after seeing the rest of the place. Miracles can happen. :}

Denise McDonald said...


My Aunt in Houston JUST got her electricity back on yesterday (9/24/08)--my cousins mid-week last week. It was rough for them! Cousin's baby was hospitalized during all that, but all are fine now!

I have been worrying (and praying) about your nephew. So glad his boat was in such great shape!