Monday, September 01, 2008

It's a Labor Day

Labor Day - a holiday created so that some people can labor so that other people who are not laboring can go to stores and make them labor. Right?

Labor Day used to mean a lot to me. I used to watch the Jerry Lewis Telethon way into the night and then the next morning when I woke up. I couldn't miss a minute of it. Big stars performed - I mean big names. Now? They don't even show the whole thing anymore. And stars? I caught it a couple of years ago and it was ... a telethon. No real spectacle any more. They're still raising the money, bless their hearts, but the sparkle is gone. We also used to have family gatherings on Labor Day. Up to 30 people would fill our house, food, laughter, games. On Labor Day evening I will go over to Bebo's for supper. That will be my Labor Day. It's only on holidays, no matter what holiday, that I really understand the fracturing of my family.

Speaking of my family ... my brother David informed me tonight that he will probably be going on oxygen full time now. He really only has one functioning lung because of his strokes. He has pollution caused emphysema. He also has another blocked artory in his neck that will have to be operated on. And speaking of David, read below.

I have a special concern about Gustav and his path. You see my nephew, David's step-son David (don't be confused LOL) lives on a boat in the Galveston Harbor. As the winds approach Texas I can't help but think about him. And worry. His car is broken and he can't leave. 32 years ago when my brother married David's mother, this little 5 year old boy looked up at me and said "When I grow up, I'm going to marry you." He was my first nephew, my first little love. Hey Dave? As you can see, you old Aunt is still waiting. LOL Be safe honey, be safe.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day everyone!


Dru said...

Sending good luck vibes to your nephews and all the others who are in Gustav's path.

Bailey Stewart said...

Thank you Dru.

May they all be safe.

Evacuees began filing into Dallas yesterday.

bebo said...

Prayers & good thoughts to all in Gustav's path.

I miss the holiday gatherings too, Ev. Labor Day, and the only laboring I did all weekend was laundry & cooking the meatloaf. That's my kinda laboring!

JJ said...

My thoughts are with your Family and friends... May the light lead them through the storms!

Susan said...

I hope with all my heart your nephew made it through Gustav safely! Your brother will be in my prayers, too.

I'm sure you and Bebo had a good time together. How could you not considering you both are such wonderful people.

Brandy said...

I hope your nephew weathered the Storm well.
I know what you mean about a fractured family.

I hope you had a nice Labor Day.

Michele said...

Hey, you are BACK!
and Yes, I've become addicted to Face book.
I've flung food at you but you haven't thrown anything back!

Since getting Hi speed, You tube is my other addiction.

And my roof leaks, the whole 14 yr old top is shot. So it's been a near thing. Hannah the Hurricane better head off to England and leave our coast alone until we have a decent roof again.

I got some new clothes at the JC Penny outlet. I love that place.

Just discovered the music of Collective Soul and I'm addicted.
Found out one of my blog buddies knows one of the band. Does that count as 6 degrees of separation?

I won a free Ebook.. called Cowboy. Oooh, was it GOOD!

I read Acheron by Sherrilyn and it was Awesome! I read the 700 pages in one day..12 hours straight! I took the day off..
well, I was having it off anyway, I just chose to read and read and read...

I hope the hurricanes all fizzle..the stress is too much.

Hang in there and I hope you have a wonderful week!