Friday, September 19, 2008


Good morning! (It’s not morning you moron. Oh wait, technically it is I guess.)
Told you. (Don’t rub it in spammy, I can delete you at any time.)
You be late. (Story of my life. What am I late for now?)
What really helpful for a man? (A woman with a map?)
I’ve seen it before. (I very much doubt it, you’re a man …)
I wanted to make a conquest. (Honey, it never hurts to want. Builds character.)
You only deserve the best, get it here. (Hugh is here?)
Wish to add more fire into your bedroom life? (Good grief, the only chance of that happening is if I built a fireplace.)
First Franklin loan. (And John Adams still hasn’t paid it back … )
It’s Susan. (No it isn’t!! You stop that right now!!!)

Oh, and the book contest? Did you really comment 'cuz you want them, or were you just commenting. Kinda hard to tell since no one said anything. There also aren't a lot of "contestants" so I'm going to expand it 'til Monday.


bebo said...

I'm commenting just to comment... don't want the books but I DO want the men ON the books.

Please? Just for a weekend? No? Well.... :PPPPPP

BTW: great spamarama!

catslady said...

Of course I want the books :) And I've missed spam Friday - glad to have it back.

Susan said...

How dare spam try to trick you by using my name! But of course you were too smart to be taken in. Great spamarama!

One of these days Hugh is going to show up on your doorstep.

The men on the covers are hot! I was commenting for both reasons, though I would have commented anyway. I have Flashback.

Brandy said...

When have I not wanted books? *G* Especailly Jill's books? *G* Sign me up, dear lady! But, I would have commented either way!

YAY! Spam Friday! Like the comment about the Fireplace, made me giggle.

I hope you're having a fantastic Friday!

Tori Lennox said...

I'm with Bebo. I want the guys on the covers. Since I won the last contest, I'll sit this one out. :) Unless, you know, you're giving away the guys on the covers....

glenice said...

I want those men!!!! :) I guess the books would be an added bonus!

OH And the day Hugh shows up at your door you better call me I will grab the next plane! You can have him...I just want to look at him up close :)

I gotta go get Jo's new book too!!

Bailey Stewart said...

Glad to be back Jeanne! I just wasn't sure 'cuz then I got an email from Susan saying don't enter her, that made me wonder since no one actually said they wanted them.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh, and Bebo? NO!

Bailey Stewart said...

You got that right Susan. Spam can't confuse me! Hah!

Bailey Stewart said...

You too Brandy!

My favorite was the Franklin loan.

Bailey Stewart said...

Tori, hun, if those guys were here ... well, I wouldn't be typing this. Again, like I told Bebo. NO!

Bailey Stewart said...

Hugh + doorstep = calling Glenice. Got that.

Oh, you mean Ms. Match? Got it already. Na nanny boo boo

Lis said...

Erm, should I have flashed my 'I *heart* Jill" fan club button in the last post?? :o)

Another fun edition of Friday spam!

Michele said...

one of these days, if Hugh doesn't end up on your doorstep, he MIGHT comment on your blog instead!
I've had that happen three times so far!
no , not Hugh. Three other people.

And yes, I'm a a contestant for the books.
Certainly not for Mz America.

I wonder if there is a contest for best uses of a book's pages.
tee hee
only need about four Trade sized ones.

Dru said...

I'll take the guys on the cover as well. I'm willing to share.