Friday, September 05, 2008

Sleepy Time Spam

Yep, I'm half asleep while typing this. I have absolutely no idea how this will come out - I didn't sleep at all Wednesday night, worked 4 hours on Thursday. Came home and slept for 4 hours and then got up to do this. I am not totally held responsible for the outcome. *snore*

Bomb her womb from your huge cannon! (And the rockets red glare ….)
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey split. (Duh? Where have you been?)
ONE HAS TO TAKE RISKS SOMETIME IN HIS LIFE! (Yes, and believe me, yelling at me while I’m in this mood is risky)
5 ways to make your love more passinnate. (5 ways to make my inborn love transfer more? Okay.)
Paris Hilton returned by aliens. (Unpublished writer seen chasing down UFOs in the New Mexico Desert)
Did you arouse me last night? (Nope, those were those aliens returning Paris Hilton)
Titanic dimension without much effort. (You are aware that the Titanic sank ….?)
I am searching for you. (Try the aliens)


Christa said...

hmmm I think I read in a glam mag that Jessica was having a hot affair with Willy Nelson on Dukes set:-)

Tori Lennox said...

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey split.

The people who just learned of this must be the same folks who were surprised that both Obama and McCain accepted their parties' nominations. *g*

And can you really BLAME the aliens for bringing Paris back? ROFL!

Brandy said...

The Aliens had Paris? And they brought her back? We need to find them pronto! *G* Hope you get some rest soon!

Susan said...

What if it is Hugh who is searching for you?!

Olga said...

Bailey, hugs on so little sleep, and you need to get some pronto! Lol about Spamarama!