Monday, February 02, 2009

Free Books!!!

Okay, Happy Groundhog Day and all of that – got it out of the way. As of this writing, I have no idea what the little bundle of fur saw when climbing out of its burrow, but for me – except for a couple of days here and there, we haven’t had winter. Some of you are probably thinking “I’d love that!!” But there are some problems. You see, not enough freezes to destroy those nasty little summer parasites like fleas; trees and flowers are confused – facing a possible nip in their proverbial buds ‘cuz it’s been known to drop a freeze or two in February; a speaking of the plant life – can we say early pollen? Yeah, think about it – cedar is filling the air and making everyone miserable. And did I mention that I hate heat? Not a good sign for the coming summer months. I’m just saying … you know?

Now down to business. My wonderful sexy friend Amie Stuart is having a contest – it’s called “14 Days of Love” and she’ll be giving away books that entire two week period. You got that right … free books!!! By 14 authors (or a little more – so keep checking in) no less, so get your little behinds over there, leave a comment and win a book. Don’t forget, it’s a 14 day contest, so you need to go every day! Yeah, I’m talking to you – every day!!! You've already missed one day 'cuz it started on Sunday, but there are still 13 more to go!

Amie Stuart

To see a list of authors

A list of rules

Um, and did I mention that there is an on-line bookstore gift certificate involved too? Thought that would get your attention.


Bebo said...

Yep, this crazy weird weather is playing havoc w/ my asthma & allergies...

And I went to Amie's blog last night & commented know... FREE BOOKS!!!!

Susan said...

The cold weather doesn't kill fleas. We have to put flea medicine on our pets year round. Phil saw his shadow this morning. :(

Thanks for the reminder to go to Amie's blog.

Brandy said...

We've been suffering from more pollen this year as well. The only thing about winter I don't like is that the water I put out for the strays freezes and has to be changed several times a day.

I'll be sure to check out the contest.

I hope you're having a good start to the week!