Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So, we're back to Wednesday again ....

We’re on a rollercoaster ride again. Today the temperature didn’t get above 55, and tomorrow it will be around 75, then we’re back down again. Weirdness ….

I really don’t have anything to blog about today. It’s the middle of the week, a rather routine week, and things are going on as usual.

Oh, those of you that asked to read my entry, um, could you maybe give me some feedback? Thanks Jeanne and Dru! And Cheryl, could you email me at baileystewart at baileystewart dot net and I will send it to you.

I don’t know where this story is going, honestly. I am a panster by trade (for those of you who don’t know the technology, it means someone “flies by the seat of their pants” and don’t do outlines or really plot), but I generally do know where the story is going. Just not this time; this scene came out of no where – so I’ve got to get a handle on the characters, what’s going on, what’s going to happen, etc. Especially since this is the opening scene!! And no, it’s not a dream – although I did consider that, but pictures of Bobby Ewing coming out of the shower flashed through my head. If you don’t get the cultural reference, well, you’re just too young. LOL

Lately though, this is how I've been feeling while writing ... I'm so tired. LOL

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

And I do have the first kissing scene out of the way, so I can breathe easier.

funny pictures
more animals

So we'll see what happens next, okay? LOL


Bebo said...

I know what you mean about the writing... I'm trying, or at least my brain is trying & the rest of me is sleeping... Re-arranged my "desk" area again but no help...

Acckkk!... Bobby Ewing!

catslady said...

I agree - no dream - too overdone lol. I'm tired too and I'm blaming it on the weather. It's cold here and raining/sleet/snow and no sun - yuk.

Bailey Stewart said...


Bailey Stewart said...

Nope, not a dream sequence ...

Is this where I tell you that it's 74 degrees here?

Brandy said...

I'm a bit tired, too. But, I blame taking care of sick people. (The fam.) And I hear you on the wacky weather, it's 55 today and feels closer to 65.
I'll be sure to send you feedback.