Friday, February 06, 2009

The "I Think Spring Has Arrived" Spam

Thank you Bebo and JJ for the following spam. Yeah, I now have spam being forwarded to me. Sheesh.

"There wobble is town only one thing which reading grieves me," observ "No, no, no," ring replied the wood eye protest daughter of the paralytic. (I always had a problem with Chaucer)

Better nights for less money... (Um, I get lousy nights for free. You mean if I pay less than nothing, I’d have better nights?)

Forget about your sexual lsoes (Forget about them? I’m not even sure what they are??)

Thnik muuch of yoruself, beacuse you wroth iStuper Vaigra (There you go! Isn’t Milton so much better?)

You will make her wet easier (Only happens if she’s not wearing her Depends)

Sooft Cailis. No problmes at all in yoour sxeual lifee (Lifee? Does this have anything to do with Isoes?)

Your female needs more? It's easy! (I got a female? Why isn’t she cleaning this house?)

You’ll surprise her with your Hulk (Lou Ferrigno, Eric Bana or Edward Norton?)


Brandy said...

Wait. You get Chaucer in spam? Freaky! At least it's lyrical. *G*

Susan said...

You did a great Spamarama!

I didn't know that Bebo and JJ loved you enough to spam you. lol

Bebo said...

Well, it's nice to know this is going toward a "good cause" as it were....

Chaucer, Milton... I prefer Dr Seuss...