Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Throughout your life you will find many “loves”. It starts in childhood, with the love that you feel for your parents. Did you know that a lot of studies show that a little girl’s first love is her father? I can see that, in a healthy, non-dysfunctional family. The study says that this sets the girl up to compare all of the men in her life to her first love, her father. Since I didn’t “bond” with my dad at that tender age (he was always working), my “first love” would have been my brother David. Yeah, I can see that – I guess I’ve always looked for someone like him – a loving mate who treats his wife as an equal, a family man, someone who contributes to the household more than just monetarily – but with household chores, cooking, child-care. So I guess I agree with the study, except I would substitute whoever is the “male” figure in the girl’s life – be it a father, grandfather, brother, uncle ….

As we grow older, we extend this love to the ones around us, a favorite kindergarten teacher, Sunday school teacher, a neighbor, playmate. These first “crushes” are always sweet – and can even involve a member of the same sex. I think my first crush of this sort was my kindergarten teacher – a wonderful lady that I worked hard to impress. Every time I got to sit on her lap while reading, was heaven for me.

Ahh, but then there’s the first time we really notice the opposite sex. While there are exceptions, usually it’s the girl that first starts to notice boys beyond the “ooooh cooties” stage. Mine was Chet – yeah, that was his name. It didn’t last long, but I do remember it fondly. This was in the first grade.

Teen love; the angst and the ecstasy. Hormonal overdrive. I don’t think I need to go further except to say that his name was Benny. Insert your own memories here.

We’re all familiar with the rest of this progression, so I’ll shift to the other “loves” that can happen in our lives. My cats have always been my loves – from Checkers, a tuxedo cat of my childhood, to my present unruly three. Pets can bring so much unconditional love into our lives, and the love that we feel for them is just as real and deep as the love for another.

While I’ve never really known the maternal love for a child, I have known that love from the aspect of an aunt. And that love can bring just as much fulfillment as heartache. You watch them grow up, make their own mistakes, and then stand back and hope that they get life figured out.

And let us not forget the love of a friend; someone that can hold a place in your heart just as snug and tight as the love for family. Sometimes, these can be the most important “loves” in a person’s life.

I guess the point of all of this is a hope that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, no matter who your valentine may be. Remember that you don’t have to have a mate or significant other in your life to celebrate this day. You just have to have love ….

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Bebo said...

Beautiful and lovely... I don't know who my 1st love was, but I'm happy to have had so many different kinds of love in my life. That includes you! :>

Brandy said...

My Dad worked too much but I was still a Daddy's girl. I remember my first crush, a little boy I went to pre-school with. I remember most my first love. I married him. *g* I fell in love with my children when I first heard their heart beats. And I fell in love with my kitties with a first look, that first finger on the fur under their ear and the purr that results. I have found that the human heart is capable of so much love you'd think it would be too much. But, it's not.
Happy Valentine's Day!
You have a place in my heart too, friend.

catslady said...

Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite cyberfriend!!!!!!!

Lis said...

Happy Valentine's Day my dear :)