Friday, February 20, 2009

Spam on toast

Your hook will be the best hook of all hooks in the world. (There's no business like show business)

What's new, you ask? (I didn't ask, you must be hearing spamvoices)

Ready for something big? (From you? Don't make me laugh)

Durgs caan heelp peoplSeuper (can they help them spell?)

Good guys always finish last (yeah, that's what makes them good ... *sigh*)

What was he thinking? (for a good time, call Thumper?)

We like when you say we're good. (Now there you go, hearing those spamvoices again. There's medication for that)

Need some pills (I'll say)

Meawnhile, shee waas (yeah, she was what? Seeing double?)

Autehntic drugs from licnesed online pharmacy. (Give me those unauthentic ones, please? And a dictionary too.)

Waant to imrpove yoour seex lifee? (No, I'm more concerned with improving yours ... NOT!)


Bebo said...

Hey! I recognize that spam! Glad it could be of some use... :/

catslady said...

Hey, you can have my spam to if you want roflmao. Great as always.

Brandy said...

Thumper......HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the funny Spam!

Susan said...

How do you know Thumper? LOL

Great Spam!