Monday, February 23, 2009

He Sings!! He Dances!!!!

Oh, and there were some awards too. LOL

Yeah, the Oscars were mostly what I thought they would be. Not a lot of surprises. I'm really glad that Heath won for Best Supporting. Bebo and I watched the Batman movie in utter amazement at his performance - we really saw no trace of Heath Ledger, just The Joker - and that's how a performance should be. In the first Batman movie it wasn't that way. While Jack Nicholson gave a great performance, you could still see Jack Nicholson - in his voice, his mannerisms, etc. A little over the top Jack Nicholson, but still .... But Heath's performance - there wasn't, I don't know, you couldn't see Heath. I know I'm probably not explaining this well, so you'll have to take my word when I say that I sincerely believe that he deserved this award for the performance that he gave and for no other reason.

I had forgotten that Sean Penn had won the SAG awards or I wouldn't have been surprised at this win - I thought it would be Mickey Rourke - that he was the shoe-in. Kate Winslet was no surprise for the best actress - that left the best supporting award for the "unknown", since Kate won it at both the Golden Globes and the SAG awards. I've always liked her - liked that she was a "real" woman, not anorexic looking, but what a woman really looks like - at least a healthy woman. Not that there isn't a lot of healthy anorexic looking woman in real life - it's just nice to see someone on screen who has meat on her bones and plays the leading lady.

Anyway, I thought that Hugh did a great job - he sang, he danced - he pretty much did what he did at the Tony's - he entertained.


Dru said...

I love his opening number and then when he pulled Anne on the stage and she did her part, I thought that was cute. He kept me watching.

Bebo said...

HUGH! I knew you would be watching and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Glad that Heath won best supporting, and that Kate did too (I like her for her acting and the healthy-body-image too).

Great pic, btw!

Susan said...

I didn't see a single minute of the Oscars. It was up against my NASCAR! They would flash the winner of each category at the bottom of the screen and since I didn't see any of the nominated performances it did not make any difference to me.

catslady said...

I agree with you on everything lol. I also want to say the Ben Stiller immitation of Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman was hysterical.

sonya said...

Well, as Susan stated; the Oscars were on at the same time as the NASCAR Race. However, during commercials I changed channels just to see Hugh. While I didn't see every thing that he did, I enjoyed every thing I did see. He looked MIGHTY FINE!

Brandy said...

I didn't watch the Academy Awards last night, but I do enjoy when he host the Tony's. *G*